Friday Links (2 Jul 10)

To-do list: buy stamps, mow lawn, procure sugar daddy, post Friday Links. Well, it’s a start…

  • Young & Hot (Baseball-Reference). But enough about me… Hey, there’s a Mat Latos sighting.
  • Top-10 NWL Players of the Decade (2000-09) (EMazing Ems). No Padres appear on this list, I just wanted to point out that the Eugene Emeralds have a blog.
  • To Matusz, Petco feels like home (U-T). I meant to post this earlier, but then vacation happened. Better late than never, I suppose.
  • The 2010 Amateur Draft: Bulk Investments (Baseball Analysts). The top of that 2007 draft doesn’t look so hot now. Brad Chalk, Mitch Canham, and Danny Payne have been particularly disappointing. I never understood the Chalk/Payne picks at the time; they seemed like the same player to me, and one with little upside.
  • Strasburg and the All-Star Game (FanGraphs). Dave Cameron wants to see Stephen Strasburg pitch in the All-Star game. I want to see the All-Star game disappear.
  • On The Road With Madfriars: Portland (Friar Forecast). John Conniff talks about the Portland Beavers. He also hits up the Emeralds.
  • Burning topic: Will bullpen burn out? (U-T). Good question. [h/t Gaslamp Ball]
  • Keeping Score: What’s Made Padres Better? Pitching (New York Times). Sean Forman talks about the Padres. [h/t Gaslamp Ball]
  • Gabby (languagehat). Sometimes life and baseball collide. This fun one from one of my favorite non-baseball blogs talks about the nickname of old-time big-league catcher Gabby Street. Follow the links and read the comments — good stuff.
  • Kevin Correia’s GB/FB (FanGraphs). R.J. Anderson notes that Correia is serving up more grounders this year than usual. Now if he can just find a way to turn some of those into outs…
  • Letter to Yaz: an Update (Cardboard Gods). Thirty years later, Josh finally gets his Carl Yastrzemski autograph. Geez, and I thought I was late with the Matusz link… [h/t Baseball-Reference]
  • Jeff Moorad: Padres Have Money to Spend, Will Look for Starting Pitching (FanHouse). Works for me.
  • Lefties in the News (Baseball Analysts). Hmmm, here’s a pitcher that might be available. I love the Cliff Lee subway stories. Also, Jon Garland is listed among the “only candidates to surpass [Jamie] Moyer” in terms of home runs allowed (Moyer served up no. 506 last week, taking over the top spot from the late Robin Roberts). Garland? Really?
  • Ability vs. Appearance (Perpetual Padres Saga). Speaking of Garland, I love this take because it provides such a different perspective from my own. I honestly never thought about the fact that his slow pace means he’s out there longer to watch.
  • Three years of Friar Forecast (Friar Forecast). Big congrats to Myron, Daniel, and the gang.
  • The odds of a cycle (Hardball Times). Jeff Sackmann crunches numbers. Remember to multiply by zero if the guy plays for the Padres.
  • Interesting New Import Pitchers – Pacific League (FanGraphs). Former Padres right-hander Buddy Carlyle isn’t doing so well in his second trip to Japan.
  • The Padres STILL want to rub salt in a wound… (Bleed Cubbie Blue). The Padres are wearing their ’84 throwback unis the next time the Cubs come to town, and Chicago fans are not amused. Some of the comments are hilarious, in a “someone woke up on the wrong side of the padded cell” kind of way: “The Padres won. That doesn’t give them the right to rub the loss in the other team’s face. They could celebrate their 1984 championship any time — they have chosen twice to rub the Cubs’ noses in it.” I like how a celebration of the first Padres team that ever did anything worth celebrating is somehow all about the Cubs. Please, don’t flatter yourselves. Thankfully, there are other posters who seem to have a clue. [h/t Gaslamp Ball]

There you go. Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

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