Me, Elsewhere: Red Sox, Yankees, Radiohead

I tried to make the Opening Day matchup between the Red Sox and Yankees watchable by synchronizing it to Radiohead’s OK, Computer. The experiment, which is documented in my latest at Hardball Times, yielded a few fun results:

No. 14 is up for the Yankees. Odd stance. Waggles his bat a lot. “Keep breathing,” advises singer Thom Yorke.

Mystery revealed: This is Curtis Granderson, and he takes Beckett deep to straightaway center. Much more satisfying than Posada’s homer, which emphasized placement over distance. Granderson got all of his.

Another base hit, and Boston’s pitching coach comes out to chat with Beckett. Yorke closes with the line, “We hope that you choke.”

Radiohead is such a mean band. Big bunch of meanies, those guys. Anyway, you know what to do

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  1. I guess if I had made comparisons of Sean Burroughs and Khalil Greene to Derek Jeter, I would have a hard time watching Yankee-Red Sox games too. The worst one I remember making was thinking in the late 1980′s that Bonilla would be better than Bonds. I also thought Cyndi Lauper would have more staying power than Madonna.

    Sometimes there seems to be a NFL-ization of baseball, and I am not too sure that is a good thing. I always liked the idea of the season opening in Cincinnati. More importantly, the rebirth of some of the other traditional rivalries (or even new ones) would provide a good counterweight to the Yankees-Red Sox.

    One more thing:
    I remember years ago, friends of mine listened to Pink Floyd while watching the Wizard Of OZ. I lasted about 10 minutes.

  2. So I’ll be receiving points for nearly guessing your strategy when I mentioned you might play The Dark Side of the Moon as a soundtrack to the opener?

  3. @parlo: Fortunately, Cyndi Lauper is still going strong.

    @Mike: Well done, sir; the points are in the mail.