Me, Elsewhere: Early-Season Surprises

While I’m working on the recap of Tuesday’s victory, here’s a little something to keep you busy: My latest Hardball Times article looks at some of the more unexpected performances over the first two weeks of 2010. There’s no real Padres connection, although former Friars Rickey Henderson, Miguel Olivo, Tony Clark, David Ross, Russell Branyan, Milton Bradley, Henri Stanley, and Jon Knott all make cameos.


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  1. I’ll read anything that references Jon Knott … or Tagg Bozied or Dave Staton or Ray McDavid or … well, you get the idea :-) Thanks!

  2. This is fantastic! I know I don’t comment here like I used to (and it’s not just because my beloved SS has severe anxiety issues) but I wanted you to know I still stop by and read every day. I’ve recently tried my hand at blogging about hockey and your writing style is definitely one I seek to emulate. Keep up the great work.

  3. @LynchMob: Hmmm, I will have to find a way to work in some Staton/McDavid references.

    @Phantom: I noticed you in the comments the other day; great to hear from you. Are you still doing the hockey blog? If so, please share.

  4. I just had my first trial post at Anaheim Calling (, an SB nation blog about the Anaheim Ducks. It’s a trial basis at this point to be one of their extra writers but I think it’s working out well.