Me, Elsewhere: Ducksnorts on Friarhood Radio

Steve Adler at Friarhood invited me to join him and a distinguished panel of guests in discussing the upcoming Padres season on his radio show. Steve, Mike from Avenging Jack Murphy, and Rick from RJ’s Fro talked all things Padres for an hour (it’s a scintillating hour; feels more like 60 minutes). Items covered include:

  • How is new GM Jed Hoyer doing so far?
  • How is the new ownership group doing so far?
  • How does this year’s pitching staff compare to last year’s? How does it stack up against the rest of the NL West?
  • Will the Padres score runs at home in 2010?
  • Is this the year Chase Headley fulfills his potential?
  • What specific players or stories are we watching this year?
  • Which player will be most important to the Padres in 2010?
  • Which player is most likely to disappoint?
  • How will the division finish up?

We are an agreeable bunch, so if your tastes run more to people hurling insults at one another, you’re likely to be disappointed. If, however, you think that cramming a ridiculous amount of Joe Randa references into a discussion is hilarious (and what kind of barbarian doesn’t?), then you just might enjoy the show.

Big thanks to Steve for having me on, and to all the guys for some good conversation. Give it a listen.

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  1. This, this is why I read Ducksnorts!

    (it’s a scintillating hour; feels more like 60 minutes).

    Well, that and this:

    a ridiculous amount of Joe Randa references. :-)