Takin’ a Break

Life is good, but there’s a little too much of it right now so I’m taking some time off. Ducksnorts will resume publication after the All-Star break.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to publish at Hardball Times and Unfiltered. Also, if you do the Twittter thing, I sometimes offer witty/insightful/stupid comments during games. Feel free to follow along at twitter.com/ducksnorts if you’re so inclined.

See you at one of those places, or we’ll meet back here toward the end of July. Thanks, and peace.


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  1. but if you take a break you won’t be able to cover the awesomeness of kyle blanks!!!

  2. Given how miserable this season is panning out to be, I’d take a *long* break from this were I you…

    have fun

  3. Pish. I ain’t buyin’ it, Geoff. I mark the passing of time by Ducksnorts commentary on the baseball season. Sans Ducksnorts, does time stand still???

  4. Cheers, Geoff!

  5. Oh … he said “after the All-Star break” … bummer :-(

    We’re ready when you are! :-)

  6. Some interesting notes at the break according to me.

    1. Tim Stauffer looked good with movements on his pitches and he’s throwing harder than expected. Check out Friar Forecast for more.

    2. Everth Cabrera is a heck of a shortstop. If he hits, bonus for the Padres.

    3. Why was Josh Geer not pitching to Adrian Gonzalez at the Home Run Derby?

    4. The Padres averaged 3.79 runs/game in the first 88 games; without the first double digit run outburst in the 88th game, that average would have been 3.68 runs/game. Meanwhile, the pitching gave up 5.045 runs/game, and as Geoff recently pointed out, the Padres are only 10-13 after being 7-0 when scoring 5+ runs/game. Seems to me, that kinda explains it, the pitching SUCKS.

    5. For the records, the Padres scored the fewest run in MLB so far, 12 runs fewer than Kansas City, the next most deficient run scoring team in the major.
    And interestingly, the Dodgers RA vs RS are just about the opposite of the Padres’.

    6. In April and May, the Padres were a .500 team. Since then, the Padres are 9-17 in June and 2-10 so far in July. Of those four months so far, only May’s ERA were below 5.00 at 3.83 so the offense SUCKS too.

    7. Geoff is walking again on his own feet, so the Padres might just make a dramatic turnaround as well.