Compensate This

My latest article at Hardball Times focuses on 10 of the most lopsided free agent compensation picks in history. Enjoy!

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  1. #37@JMAR: Yeah, if he only had a little more plate discipline, but it seems unlikely to develop much more at this point.

    #38@Kevin: Cheers. Enjoyed “talking” with you this afternoon!

  2. #44@David Coonce: Wow! I never even realized Gossage played for LaRussa, but sure enough in 92 nad 93 he did.

  3. #52@Pat:

    Yeah, he hung around there for a while at the end, oddly enough as just a middle-reliever. It seems that now closers end their careers as closers, no matter how ineffective (See Borowski, Joe). Very seldom does a closer switch back to middle-relief late in his career, but Gossage did it.