IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (19 Apr 08)

Chris YoungPadres (8-9) vs D’backs (12-4)
Chris Young vs Edgar Gonzalez
5:10 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

The Padres need to recall Adrian Gonzalez‘s older brother from Portland and stick him in the lineup for this one. How cool would it be to see two different sets of namesakes face each other in the same game?

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  1. #90@SDSUBaseball: It was slightly favorable to hitters last year (102), but multi-year is more accurate (101), because the park didn’t change. Philly’s multi-year is 105, Colorado 108.

  2. This year’s team just looks so bad. Can we find a Milton Bradley to help the offense? Can we find one above average fielding outfielder?

    And at least KG, OG, and Iguchi got Lyons to throw all of 7 pitches in teh top of the ninth.

    At least CY didn’t look horrible today. Still needs to get more consistent.

  3. #100@Field39: I don’t like starting the clock and I don’t know that they are ready. They can take lumps in September, but it is too early to throw in the towel…we still have a shot at 2nd place! :-)

  4. Nice bullpen Pads: Padres have been outscored 37-10 in innings 7-9 so far this year. Thanks to Cox4 for the numbers.

    Good night all.

    The Bank Job is a good movie, by the way.

  5. 97. In the words of “Woody” in Toy Story…

    “This is the perfect time to panic!”

  6. We are really bad right now!

  7. What do we do about center field? Seriously… What do we do? We need another option quick, and Scott Hairston doesn’t count.

    Where can we find one of those Upton kids?

  8. The good news is that the Padres now really do have a much better farm system than in the past.

    Continued patience would be in order as far as raising the prospects and then when the Pads fall 10 games under .500 in early June, they can open up the farm gates and we can start seeing the future. Headley, Antonelli, Hundley and Venable (who might be the darkhorse to compete well at this level) will all get a crack and even better, we won’t have to watch guys like Jody Gerut or Brady Clark patrolling center.

    BTW, question :Is Venable an adequate centerfielder ????

  9. What pisses me off is that there were obvious OF talent for modest cost out there that they oddly let pass. Bradley, Cameron, Hamilton (took a modest trade). It seems like it is the “stand pat for cheap and pray” strategy, thinking next year is the time to pony up.

    I hope, but if Antonelli and Headley don’t blossom, we’re in for some hurt for awhile.

    How did we end up with Edmonds with all that out there?

  10. #107@KRS1: You could trade Randy Wolf to a contender, for a high level center field prospect.

  11. 110. Agreed…. at some point you need to say “okay, it’s not gonna happen this year.. let’s reload.”

    I mean, in all honesty, did anyone really think this Padre team was headed to the playoffs?

  12. Though Antonelli isn’t off to the best start in 2008, the guy still walks a lot. He works the count with good strike zone knowledge. If

    He gets on base and he has some speed –exactly what we don’t have much of now……

  13. Kevin,

    Can you please comfort me again about the offense? I need it.

  14. Because I like the feeling of hitting myself in the head with hard pointy objects I compared the Padres starters and relievers:

    Starters: 34 ER / 37 R / 115.2 IP
    Relievers: 34 ER / 41 R / 57.1 IP

    Starters: 2.65 ERA / 2.88 RA
    Relievers: 5.34 ERA / 6.44 RA

    Yes, Padre relievers have allowed more runs than the starters despite pitching half the innings.
    Right now, only Rusch and Meredith have a K/W over 2.00. Only Bell and Ledezma have ERAs lower than 4.90.

    Okay, I will now find a different pointy object to smash against my head.

  15. #113@Stephen: Richard Wade has a post up about it at http://intentionalblogonballs.com/

    Other than that, early season standings and sample sizes don’t mean much until about mid-May. And then pythagorean standings mean more than the regular standings, I think.

    Of course, our pythagorean numbers are terrible right now after two lopsided losses to the Diamondbacks.

  16. 5.5 back and no offense. Thank you KT and Sandy. It ain’t gonna work this year…but at least you have a nice house in Del Mar and a nice wine cellar.

  17. Rumor that the Giants are going to designate Rajai Davis for assignment. Should the Padres, if they can, get him to play CF? Davis has speed. He’ll be our own Juan Pierre.

  18. I don’t mind Rajai but what do we do with the Edmonds situation?

  19. #117@Didi: ha we know we are in trouble when we are thinking the Pads should pick up a Giants reject…

  20. so if AZ hangs a 10 spot on the Padres again today is it time to panic?

  21. #120@Steve C: no time to panic, just time for more realistic expectations. AZ is clearly the class of the division (and have been since before the season started) and we are not going to chase them down. We should battle the Dodgers for 2nd place all season and that will be exciting.

  22. Did y’all see today’s news on Will Venable?

    – Triple-A center fielder Will Venable went on the disabled list because of recurring pain in his throwing shoulder, an injury that dates to last season. GM Kevin Towers said he’s uncertain if Venable will need surgery. Venable, a corner outfielder the previous three seasons, would have given the Padres an option in center.

  23. Venable as an option in center? I am not sure the team is sold on his ability to play center. That’s the only position that’s going to carry his bat. My impression is that if they seriously consider Venable as an option in center then they are not being very creative. The only guy on Portland’s roster who should be in the mix as an option in center is the guy playing second base.

  24. 115: The D-Backs will tell you only regular standings really matter and in the end they are right. Who cares what your pythagorean record is if you are not winning the games.

  25. #124@SDSUBaseball: The Diamondbacks’ season was an aberration. It’s happened a few times in baseball history. This season, they are not an aberration.