Cheap Relievers at Hardball Times

No, the relievers aren’t actually there. This is just my latest article at THT. Enjoy. :-)

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  1. hey i remember you were mentioning going to Adrian Gonzalez’s mexican resteraunt when you go to spring training. I read this today from the padre notes on

    Adrian Gonzalez sold his Mexican restaurant in Phoenix, the new owner is turning it into a seafood establishment.

    eek too bad

  2. SUCKAGE! Was just checking out Geoff’s stuff over at Knucklecurve and couldn’t help noticing the blog entries about the Jays pitching and the Tigers hitting using the Suckage Index. Well, llike it or not, I think we all as Padres fans have to acknowledge we have quite a bit of Suckage in our history, so why not take a look?

    I ran the hitters using the Suckage Index as (80 – OPS+) * PA. Remeber when Geoff was lamenting that Garry Templeton was likely the franchise’s All Time Shortstop? The Suckage Index certainly confirms our atrocious history at that position.

    #1 is The Wizard, who racked up an astonishing 21,417 Suckage points in 1979 by compiling an OPS+ of just 47 while sucking up 649 PA’s. Horrid!

    #2 is Dave Roberts, circa 1974, at 13,604 (notice how truly horrible Ozzie was? nearly 7,000 points worse!).

    #3 is Tempy in 1987 with 13,464.

    #4 is Enzo in 1972 with 12,915.

    #5 is Mike Champion (?!!) in 1977 with 12,558. Champ played 2B, not Short, but he still sucked Big Time.

    You’ll note 3 of those 5 were Shortstops. Also, rounding out the Bottom 10 would include two more appearances by Enzo, one by Andunjar Cedeno, and one by Tommy Dean, a Shortstop/2B in 1969. We have truly suckes at Short (which might explain Greene’s overratedness ;-) ).

    Some other items of note. The 1969 team has 4 of the 50 entrants on this list. I qualified it, as the Tigers list did, with a minimum of 300 PA’s. Tempy makes 4 appearances himself, but his total suckage is less than half of Enzo’s 4 appearance total of over 45,000. Even though Ozzie’s amazingly bad single season total of 21,417 is nearly half of Enzo’s 45,000+, and Ozzie had two other Bottom 20 appearances, his career total still comes up about 10,000 points short of Enzo.

    The least suckiest player who made the list, Brad Ausmus with just one season of 1,098 in 1994. The least suckiest season on the list was DJ’s 990 in 2001, but he made another appearance in 1999. It’s a pretty intersting list and definietly brings up a lot of nostalgic feelings, in a wretching, gagging, naseous sort of way. :-)

  3. I forgot to point out some other Sucky items. Both Dean’s Bottom 10 season and Roberts’ Bottom 5 season were accomplished in very few PA’s. They both managed an OPS+ of just 42! Thankfully they only made 308 and 358 PA’s respectively. Dishonorable Mention also goes to Fred Kendall’s 1975 season where in just 314 PA’s, with an OPS+ of 47, he managed to compile a Suckage Score of 10,362, bad enough to make #10 of the Bottom 10.

  4. For anyone interested in the ESPN Ducksnorts FLB league, Geoff will be sending you an email with the invite…

    Since I don’t have everyone’s email address and I don’t want you all to post yours for everyone to see, Geoff will be the inviter of choice.

  5. Geoff…one nice thing about reading your articles at other sites is that it gives nice props to the Padres…

  6. Thanks, CM. One of my goals is to make more people aware of the good things that are happening in this organization.

  7. Spread the Padre love, Geoff.

    My contribution to the cause is my friend Katherine. She insists on wearing my Padres jersey to Ranger games, no matter who the opponent.

    She also hit on Chris Young in the autograph line last year when the Pads were in town.