Three Things You Never Want to See at a Padres Game

Just got back from FriarFest 2007. It was pretty cool. Apparently a bunch of players were there signing autographs and what-not, but I didn’t see any (disclaimer: I wasn’t looking for them).

The whole thing was a bit like Disneyland — I have a feeling that folks with kids will get even more out of the experience. You can buy all kinds of game-worn stuff for a reasonable price. I almost snagged a Todd Steverson jersey. His entire Padres career consists of a strikeout in his only trip to the plate, but we went to high school together, not that he would know me from Adam.

Anyway, the real highlight of the event is getting to hang out on the field. We wandered around the bases, sat in the home dugout, pitched in the visitors bullpen, and strolled along the outfield warning track. I’ll have more photos up later; for now, these will have to do:

Geoff leads off first base
I will get fooled by the third-to-first move every time.

Geoff warms up in the bullpen
If you ever see this, we’re down triple digits.

Geoff contemplates his next move from the dugout
Hey, at least I won’t be tempted to send Manny Alexander up as a pinch-hitter.

They’re doing it again on Sunday, so if you didn’t get down there today, you have another chance. It’s $5 well spent.

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  1. Awesome! I’m going tomorrow, I can’t wait. Thanks for sharing! My daughter could not possibly be any more excited, she’s willing today to pass so we can get there tomorrow…

  2. Oh no, women in the Padres dugout. Alert the media!!! And was the actual size of Bochy’s hat?

    Great photos, man. I’m a little concerned about your lead at first. Looks like you might need to take a couple more slide steps toward second.

  3. Getting on the field for an event like that is so much fun. I’ve had a chance to do it twice and you feel just like a llittle kid again.

    GY, did you bust him in or go away with the curve? :-)

  4. Thanks, Jeff. Some guys want to be able to get back diving, others want to get back standing up. My goal is to get back without exerting any effort whatsoever.

    Pat: I threw two pitches. Both were, um — let’s just say I was trying to get the batter to chase. ;-)