Barfield’s Got Your Back

Wow, I still cannot believe that Josh Barfield went yard to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat Monday night. He looked so lost on those first two pitches from Brian Fuentes but hung in there and just drilled a low fastball over the left field fence to win one for the Padres, 7-5.

Anyway, I got a little excited. You might say I got carried away: T-shirts and caps, anyone?

Barfield's Got Your Back T-Shirt Barfield's Got Your Back Trucker Hat

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  1. Barfield for ROY!!!

  2. No, no – you’re missing the point…..
    Who scored the winning run last night?
    Who scored the winning run on Sunday?

    Khalil’s got your back! ;-)

  3. Nice weekend for the Pads…Glad to see us get a walk-off win on Monday…we needed one of those.

    Please tell me that people are really not saying they would be happy with Branyan as our starting 3 bagger next season. I read some of our beloved Ducksnorts family saying they would be happy at .240 and 35+ bombs…he has NEVER even hit 25 bombs…that is a big jump to 35. And his best year at 24 hr’s came in 378 ab’s, but he als had 151 k’s…ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONE. That is just a few in less than 400 ab’s.

    There is a reason this guy has not stuck as a starter. Please, KT/SA, please get us someone to man the hot corner. Branyan is nice to have off the bench…can spell some guys when we get a left handed pitcher in there…great off the bench to face guys like Fuentes or Wagner, but everyday, please no.

    Good to see the Pads fans getting exciting. Downtown was rocking last night after the 9th. So happy for Barfield.

  4. Is Branyan even under contract for next year?

    I wouldn’t mind him back if so, but not as a starter. He’s a good guy to have off of the bench. Of course all four positions he plays are already fronted by left handed batters (1B/3B/LF/RF), so I’m not sure the Padres are the best fit for him.

    How many more games do we have with LA? I still think our best shot is taking the division…

  5. 4 games left with the Dogs — 9/15 to 9/18

  6. I read somewhere that Branyan has a 1 million option next season, but I can’t confirm it.

    Please tell me you’re not really saying we use the LH Branyan as a platoon player against LH relief pitching, and LHP that throws in the mid-90s and higher at that. He’s been better vs LHP than RHP this year, but for his career he’s like most lefties.

    I don’t worry about his Ks. I do worry that he’s got to hit .250 to have a respectable OBP and he’s totally capable of hitting .210 instead. Fine bench player, Bellhorn without the ability to play 2b and with twice as much power. We should ride him while he’s hot but he shouldn’t get in the way of finding a younger, more permanent 3b.

  7. I am only suggesting that we avoid him as a starter. Good to have that power off the bench.

  8. So, so happy for the win. Thanks Barfield.
    Good to see you hit that bomb especially after I cursed at you when you swung at the first two pitches.

    Didn’t see the game but happened to catch that bottom of the 9th and, boy, was my evening ended up being excellent with the win on top. Thanks, again, Josh.

    Please, no Branyan as starting 3B next season. I can’t imagine Bellhorn being back next season either. Blum might get off the bench just because there’s nobody to back up Khalil. Todd Walker probably will spare Barfield but he’ll be gone too if he’s too expensive and besides, some AL could always use a hitter like Walker to DH and play some on the field at 2B and 1B.

    So, the search for a third baseman is still on.

  9. You guys are right, 35 HR is probably unrealistic. Branyan has been great so far but given his track record I’m sure he’ll have his long stretches of striking out almost every at bat. If we can get a legit power hitting left fielder and Barry Zito then I’ll be ok with Branyan at third. After Burroughs and Castilla I’m just happy to see someone who can hit the ball out of the park.