Why Won’t Anyone Else Beat the Dodgers?

You know what’s irritating?

  Padres Other NL West
vs Ari 3-6 24-23
vs Col 6-10 25-16
vs LA 11-3 16-28
vs SF 6-10 23-21
Standings are through games of August 27, 2006, and are courtesy of ESPN.

If the rest of the division would stop beating up on the Padres and rolling over for the Dodgers, we’d be in a lot better shape right now.

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  1. or, we could start hitting the damned baseball. Truely a frustrating team right now. I want to scream, but who would care. There is a reason Amer league East coast baseball gets more coverage, its better baseball. Watching Padre hitters is is a test in patience, speaking of which, feel free guys to work the count sometime. Where is Magaden when you need him. Two guys on the Padres can hit, the Dr. and AG. The other 6 remind me of a barn door, tennis racket and a beach ball. Boy, hot under the colar and nobody even mentioned the T-word.

  2. Mark O…per your questions about MLB package on the internet…it is very cool. the picture is nice until you go full screen, but for top corner viewing or even 1/2 screen it is pretty good.

    One bummer is that they fixed a glitch from earlier in the season…when the broadcast went to commercials, you used to still be plugged into the booth. You could hear the bantor between the announcers and the cameramen/others in between innings. You heard some funny conversations when that was happening…now, they cut to a blue screen. I miss that.

  3. Nobody like us…
    Everybody hates us…
    I think I’m gonna eat a worm.

  4. I am more concerned with the issuse of why we can’t beat anyone in the West except the Dodgers.

  5. Good thing Webb’s going tonight. He has an ERA in the 3′s, so we should be ok. If he was 6-13 with a 5.56, we’d be in trouble.

  6. Is it true on the MLB package that you can watch whichever announcers you want? Or is that just the case with the audio version online?

  7. And another question…how is the connection when you are connecting to the internet via wireless…

  8. I connect with MLBTV.com via wireless. I’ve connected both hard-wired and wireless and don’t notice much difference, if any, and until you asked, hadn’t even thought about it. As to No. 6, You can usually pick the feed you want, although sometimes you just get what you’re stuck with. Re #1.

  9. LaMar — how do you pick the feed?

  10. Mark…You only get one of the feeds…

    I only use it on a wireless connection and if you are set up for high speed on it, you should have little trouble.

    I have had issues in hotel’s with their free wireless…the picture then gets jumpy and I have issues…

  11. I bought the subscription at the start of the season. I just click on http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/mlb/subscriptions/mlbtv.jsp, which gives me the list of games. I click on which one I want to watch, which transfers me to the sign in for my subscription. I put in my email address and password and it takes me back to the game I want to watch, where I can pick the feed I want for that game. I travel and I’ve found that if my URL internet connection is based outside San Diego, I can pick up the local Padre feed, regardless of my local address. I generally bypass MLBTV.com for the local games and use my Slingbox, which allows me to control and watch my own television through my computer, regardless of my location. As long as I’ve got a high speed connection, I’m good with either one.