Third Base Reset

A while back we looked at third basemen who might be coming to San Diego. Some of the names have changed, but it’s what we all want to talk about, so speculate and debate to your heart’s content. And buy a T-shirt. ;-)

Potentially Available Third Basemen
Name Team Age AB BA OBP SLG AB/HR BB/PA Comment
Rich Aurilia Cin 34 247 .279 .339 .494 20.6 .084 Might be the best value available.
David Bell Phi 33 309 .288 .354 .414 51.5 .087 Didn’t we used to call him Joe Randa?
Adrian Beltre Sea 27 384 .263 .326 .417 48.0 .071 I’d rather bring back Sean Burroughs.
Wilson Betemit Atl 25 193 .290 .348 .513 21.4 .081 Largely untested, but excellent upside.
Aaron Boone Cle 33 312 .250 .311 .365 62.4 .065 I’d rather bring in Adrian Beltre.
Morgan Ensberg Hou 30 276 .236 .390 .500 14.5 .195 If he’s healthy, this is the guy we want.
Bill Hall Mil 26 331 .266 .317 .562 15.0 .069 Second coming of Jose Valentin?
Mike Lowell Bos 32 356 .292 .343 .503 27.4 .067 The rumored asking price (Jake Peavy) is hilarious.
Melvin Mora Bal 34 400 .283 .348 .408 36.4 .065 Not the worst idea, depending on the price.
Joe Randa Pit 36 135 .296 .336 .415 67.5 .053 Been there, done that.
Ty Wigginton TB 28 331 .260 .309 .456 20.7 .064 Low OBP is a deal-breaker.
Stats are through games of July 24, 2006, and are courtesy of ESPN.

Preferences? Others we’re missing?

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  1. This means he’ll probably get a job on Fox.

  2. KRS, no matter how many times you say that Rolen and Beltre’s career averages aren’t that far apart, it doesn’t make it true.

    Scott Rolen’s career EQA is 301. Beltre 270. That’s a very big difference. It’s a bigger gap than the one between Beltre and Sean Burroughs.

    Rolen averages 6 more HR a year. His career SLG is 60 points higher. His career OBP is 50 points higher. Those are big, big differences. The OBP gap is like what separates David Eckstein from Yadier Molina. In current Padre terms it’s the difference between Adrian Gonzalez and Bellhorn. The SLG difference between Rolen and Beltre is like the one between Dave Roberts and Mike Cameron.

    Rolen’s career is much more steady, too. Beltre had more than 1/4 of his total HR in 2004.

    Changing leagues mid-season would be one matter, but the way pitchers move around and with interleague play, Beltre wasn’t going to a foreign land. He also got to hit in a lineup with a DH. This is his second year around and he’s still not producing.

    At the right price Beltre would be fine, but the Mariners aren’t going to pay enough to make the price right.

  3. For a counter to Deadspin’s rumor, you might check Futility Infielder — be sure to read the comment:

    On another note, I don’t think Ian Stewart is a bust. I don’t think he solves our immediate problem, but I’d take him in a heartbeat.

    One name I forgot to mention when talking about third basemen is Aramis Ramirez. Or is that just another pipe dream?

    Hey, I almost titled this post “A-Rod to Pads?” but then decided that would be too cheap, even for me. ;-)

  4. TF, the next time the Padres have the top pick in the draft, even a Top 4, then we’ll see. As long as they’re competitive they’ll continue to draft in the middle of rounds. Their process, whatever it may be, may never be put under that kind of stress again. So we won’t know if they fixed it or not.

  5. What GY said about Stewart. He just turned 21 and has an 817 OPS in AA. He’s not what we need this year, he’s been nicked a little, but how’s he a bust?

  6. Deadspin is OK. I just meant it wasn’t AP or ESPN.

  7. Yeah, I had just heard that other theory/rumor when you posted that, Geoff. The one in the comments section of that site.

  8. PECOTA likes in order:
    Marte, Beltre, Ensberg, Mora, Hall, Teahen, Betemit, Lowell, Wigginton, Linebrink, Koskie, Boone, Graffanino, Aurilia, Branyan, Randa, Bell, Helms, Cirillo…