Ducksnorts FAQ

Been meaning to post this for a while. I’ll add to it as needed.

  1. What’s a “ducksnort”?
    A ducksnort is a bloop hit that falls untouched between the infielders and outfielders.
  2. Why “Ducksnorts”?
    I heard Ken Harrelson and Tom Paciorek use the term during a White Sox telecast on WGN some years ago and thought it sounded funny. Also, it fit well with my vision of a web site providing information that fell between the cracks of mainstream media outlets.

  3. But Ducksnorts is a blog about the Padres; what’s up with that?
    Ducksnorts didn’t begin as a Padres-centric web site. That focus evolved over time.
  4. Why the Padres?
    Because anyone can be a Yankees fan. It takes a little effort to love the Padres.

  5. Who the hell do you think you are to write about baseball?

    A passionate fan, same as you. I’ve been following the sport obssessively since the late 1970s. I write and talk to other fans about baseball to increase my understanding and enjoyment of the game. I hope you get something out of it, too.

  6. Is there anything I can do to support Ducksnorts?
    You can buy Ducksnorts merchandise, donate to via PayPal (see button below), participate in the discussion, link to me from your web site, drop me a line to let me know you enjoy Ducksnorts, or just keep reading.

  7. Why should I buy your merchandise or donate to Ducksnorts?

    Maybe you or someone you know likes to wear clothes. Maybe you have too much money and don’t know what to do with it. If the latter applies to you, please contact me asap ― we need to talk.

  8. Who farted?
    Probably the dog. And if it wasn’t the dog, it was still the dog.

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