Giles Stays!

As first reported by Richard at Friar Faithful, Brian Giles will remain in San Diego. According to the U-T, the Padres and Giles have agreed to a 3-year deal worth $27M, plus a club option for 2009 at $9M, with a $3M buyout. (Shout out to Peter for providing the U-T link.)

Discuss. Dance. Shout with glee. Go nuts.

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  1. The market for relief pitching is a bit out of control. I’d rather let Hoffy walk than handicap the franchise by offering him a multi-year deal for more per year than he’s worth for one year with no strings.

  2. It’s not really the contract amount but rather the length that kills teams. I think that Klesko’s and Nevin’s contract were around 4 years for $40m — the Padres would have been much better off paying that over 2 years than over four.

    Obviously the main problem with free agency is that you are paying for what the player has done, rather than what they are going to do. Hoffman isn’t totally done but he’s not a good bet to be good 3 years down the road. Personally, I would offer him a one year deal for around $10m and hope he takes it.

  3. I do apolagize on erring w/ Nevin/Klesko contracts as pre-prop C…

    But the theory still aplies… You DO NOT ink non-star players (not the best players on your team, but true stars) to long-term deals when they are ALREADY past 30…

    Giles IS a star. His contract doesn’t bother me…

    As for 3/18 – make it 2/12 w/ the 3rd vested (somehow)… I’ve said I’d do $5m per, 6 I’m hesitent, but no way do I make it a 3 yrs guarenteed. NO WAY!

    Thanks the info the fenses (watch Giles numbers rebound some – call it .305/.428/.510 – off the top of my head). (Anyone betting against RBW saving my prediction?)


    Insider, where do you get your info? So it’s a 4-way deal (Texas-Boston-San Diego-Chicago)? That so complicated it COULDN’T get done…

    Also, there’s NO WAY Klesko will waive his no trade clause, so rule that one out anyway… Ugh it’s late – night guys!

  4. One last thing, Geoff, is this the most posts for a non-in-game discussion? Congrats on doing such a GREAT job w/ your site.

  5. Pat: Nice recap, thanks. Totally agree about Fuson – struck me as very humble, gracious, and well spoken. I’d love to hear more from him.

    Olivo and Hensley were noted as a couple of guys who weren’t expected to contribute last year but who came through and are now pretty well regarded. Towers also mentioned Barfield, Carrillo, and Kottaras as the cream of the farm system, which I guess won’t surprise anyone reading this.

    It was also reiterated that the roster is still pretty fluid right now and probably won’t solidify until toward the end of this month. They would like to bring back Sweeney and/or Fick. Also, Ausmus was mentioned as someone they are pursuing, although it is thought that he would prefer to stay in Houston.

    As it stands now, Roberts/Johnson are in LF, with Cameron in CF, and Giles in RF. But again, a lot can change, so don’t read too much into that.

    There was plenty of fluff at the event, which is to be expected, but it was reasonably informative and also entertaining. It was really cool that the Pads opened up the ballpark and took the time to talk to us. They don’t have to do that, but it’s one of those little things that makes you feel good about supporting the organization.

  6. PF: Not sure about the posts; I’m a stat geek but I’m not *that* bad. ;-)

    Seriously, thanks. It’s no exaggeration to say that I couldn’t do it without y’all. I am constantly amazed by the quality of discussion that we are able to have here.

    Okay, I’m off to bed. Later…