Updated some stuff over there on the right:

  • Fixed link to USA Today.
  • The excellent Mariners blog formerly known as Leone for Third is now called Lookout Landing.
  • Padres Nation has gone dot com.
  • Added link to The Cubdom, another outstanding blog about the Cubbies (which reminds me, how come we don’t have more blogs about the Padres?). Anyway, check it out; good stuff.
  • This is huge: John Sickels has a new blog called Minor League Ball that promises to be a must-read.
  • Shameless plug for my other blog, Mental Shrapnel. It’s a process journal for a recording project I’m working on; the link is there mostly for my own benefit, but you’re more than welcome to stop on by if interested.
  • Added link to the Baseball Cube, a great resource for minor-league stats, draft info, etc.

I also removed a few links that were either dead or might as well have been. As always, if you find any sites that might interest Ducksnorts readers, please let me know.

P.S. Thanks to whoever entered “You can see what I search on this Geoff? Porn, porn, and more porn!!!!” into the search engine. I needed the laugh. :-)

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