Educating Damon

Does anyone know who plays for San Diego?
–Johnny Damon

Now that Mr. Damon is a folk hero in these parts (thanks for the motivation, dude), I thought it might be helpful to give him a brief primer on who plays for San Diego.

Sorry, make that first place San Diego.

  • Brian Lawrence – He’s the guy who struck you out twice last night.
  • Phil Nevin – He’s the one who hit the ball out of the park, well over your head and to your right. It was a bomb, I’m sure you remember it.
  • Ramon Hernandez – He also hit a ball over your head and off the wall. You might know him from the A’s.
  • Jay Witasick – You hit that clutch solo homer off him last night in the eighth to cut the Pads’ lead to 7-1. Way to go.
  • Mark Loretta – He’s the guy who fielded your grounder and threw you out at first to end the game.

There are others, but this should suffice for now. We’ll give you more names some other time.

Dennis Tankersley has been pushed back to the New York series, so it’s Curt Schilling vs Ismael Valdez tonight: 4 PM, Channel 4.

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