Burroughs and Blalock

Another day, another loss. Here’s a novel idea: How about giving Scott Linebrink a chance to start? He threw 63 pitches last night in relief of Brian Tollberg. If a guy can throw 63, he probably can throw 90, right?

On the bright side, Jay Witasick made his 2003 debut yesterday, throwing a perfect eighth inning and striking out two. The Padres’ biggest free agent acquisition made it to the party just in time to get himself traded. He, Matt Herges, Brian Buchanan, Rondell White, Dave Hansen, and Mark Loretta would appear to be the big prizes in this year’s Padre giveaway. Don’t expect a lot in return for any of those guys if/when they are moved.

Buckets of Salt

Haven’t done one of these in a while:

310 93 12  3  3 21 43 .300 .344 .387
278 74 16  1  9 32 66 .266 .342 .428

I’ll give you a hint. Both are in their second year in the big leagues, both play third base. These are their lines as big leaguers, less what they did this April.

Top one is Sean Burroughs, bottom Hank Blalock. Speaking of fun with small samples, here’s what Brock2 currently shows for their peaks:

Burroughs: .311/.372/.424
Blalock: .321/.400/.574

For grins, here’s what it spews forth for Nady: .304/.357/.498.

Buckets of salt here, folks. Just having some fun. You know, that thing that happens when your team occasionally wins a game?

Other Stuff

Khalil Greene homered in his Triple-A debut (actually the second game of a doubleheader): Beavers win one, lose one against Sky Sox (Oregonian)

Found some information on Padres’ fourth-round pick Peter Stonard.

Hey look, somebody else out there likes the Padres: The Inside Pitch. Looks like these guys have been blogging for a few months now. Pretty good stuff over there; check it out when you have a moment.

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