10 Reasons to Love/Hate La Jolla

I’m tired, I’m cranky, I’m sick of watching the Padres getting their asses kicked. I didn’t get home in time to watch last night’s debacle, but can anyone tell me if Brian Lawrence looked right? No disrespect to the Expos, but he’s got to be hurt. Meantime, Adam Eaton has been placed on the DL, with Roger Deago being called up from Mobile to replace him. At least Eaton’s is "just" a groin injury. I’m worried about Lawrence.

Anyway, I’m not in much of a baseball mood this morning, so it’s onto…

10 Reasons to Love/Hate La Jolla

  1. Mardi Gras is celebrated in May. On a weekend.
  2. $398k for a 493 square foot studio apartment on Prospect.
  3. Octagenarians cruise around town doing 25 MPH in their Jags.
  4. Bike lanes are more likely to be occupied by cars than by bikes.
  5. If you’re already in the crosswalk, they’ll usually slow down a little.
  6. More cell phones than people to use them.
  7. You may find pesto in your carne asada.
  8. The kid parking your car probably makes more than you.
  9. No burger joints.
  10. "Jolla" is an intentional misspelling of "Joya" (the double ell makes it seem more exotic), which means jewel in Spanish.

No threat to Letterman obviously, but there it is. Meantime, I’m late for work. You’ll get a better effort from me on Monday. Have a great weekend…

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