Game 10

Yuck. That was terrible.

San Francisco 15, San Diego 11 (ESPN)

The Good

  • Everybody but Mark Kotsay had at least one hit, and even he drew a walk. Six guys had two or more hits.
  • Fifth multi-hit game for Xavier Nady this year.
  • Homers from Ryan Klesko and Rondell White.

The Bad

  • The bullpen allowed eight runs. In their defense, they did have to pitch nine innings. If ever a team needed an off-day, it’s the Padres right now.
  • Pretty much anything else related to pitching.

The Ugly

  • Dennis Tankersley. Seven batters, seven runs, no outs. He threw 21 balls and just 12 strikes. I feel bad for the kid: "For some stupid reason, I just keep making the same stupid mistakes, which I can’t keep doing." This guy needs a healthy dose of confidence, which means he needs to be put in a position to succeed, i.e., stuck at Triple-A and left there for a while.
  • The fact that Clay Condrey, scratched from the start due to injury, was allowed to work in relief after Tankersley imploded. Either the kid is hurt or he isn’t. What the heck is going on here?

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Today: Off, thank goodness.

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