Florie Returns to Mound, Gwynn Announces Retirement

  • Bryce Florie returned to the mound for the Red Sox last night. Having had my orbital bone broken by a thrown softball, this one hits home for me. Here’s hoping Florie can resume his career and stick around a few more years.
  • Tony Gwynn announced his retirement. Not much to say right now except it’s been a pleasure watching him play these past 20 years. Hopefully he’ll get the job at SDSU so I can watch him coach for another 20.
  • Unbelievable. Jose Rijo again? Yep, he’s making a final comeback attempt. Hey, he’s two months younger than Kevin Brown.
  • The Syracuse SkyChiefs now have the best defensive back in all of Triple-A. Maybe Deion Sanders will boost their attendance until fans realize what the rest of us already know: Deion ain’t no baseball player.
  • Chris Gomez signed a minor-league contract with Tampa Bay. He’s not the most talented guy in the world but he plays hard and probably deserves a spot on someone’s bench.
  • Jake Gautreau took batting practice at the Q last night. He’ll do it again tonight before heading up to Eugene to begin his pro career.

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