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Fun Facts About Chicago Cubs Baseball

The Chicago Cubs are one of the best teams in baseball today but that was not always the case. Known as the lovable losers for over 100 years because they could never win the World Series, it all changed in 2016 when the team could finally claim the championship trophy.

For most of the 100 years since the Cubs won the World Series, the thrill of seeing them play wasn't so much the team itself, but attending the ballpark. Wrigley Field second only to Boston's Fenway Park in terms of age has stood on the same north side Chicago neighborhood where it was built. What makes Wrigley unique it is that the stadium itself is built within the confines of a neighborhood.

Going to a Chicago Cubs baseball game is a thrill even when they weren't playing so great because the stadium has such a unique charm. Maybe it appeals more to out-of-town baseball historians than locals since the ballpark can be a bit cramped and lack the amenities that the new parks have, but there is something to be said about sitting there during the day watching baseball on a sunny afternoon in Chicago with the apartment houses across the street packed with fans.

A unique thing about Wrigley is that since it is in a neighborhood you have surrounding apartment buildings with seats on the rooftops where fans can take in the action. Another addition to Wrigley is its outfield walls that are draped in ivy. Although the ballpark finally installed lights back in the 1980's, the ivy-covered walls, fans watching from apartment rooftops, and other interesting tidbits about the team make it quite an experience.

For the longest time, Chicago Cubs had a legendary baseball announcer named Harry Caray who was well-known for mispronouncing names. Everybody loved Harry and one of the most special things he did was lead the sing-along during the seventh inning stretch where the crowd gets up and sings take me out the ballgame. Harry would always end the song by saying "let's get some runs!"

The outlook for the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise is much improved today thanks to a very strong farm system and ownership committed to spending money on a quality team. In the past, the Cubs may have been just a novelty act, but today fans expect them to be in the playoffs year in and year out.

If you had one team to pick and root for if you wanted to start watching baseball for the first time the Chicago Cubs would be an excellent choice. With such an amazing history, colorful players, team personnel and a ballpark that takes you back to the early 1900's, there is much to be excited about when discussing Chicago Cubs baseball.


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