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What Up, Dawg

Congratulations to Rickey Henderson on being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. My favorite memories of Henderson are his slide into home after hitting the homer that gave him the all-time runs scored record, the wedge shot down the right-field line that fell just fair for his 3000th hit, and of course, his tenure [...]

Party Like It’s 1989

Doing some research for an article, flipping through Baseball America’s 1989 Almanac. The book doesn’t list top prospects by team, but it does list them by league. Here are some familiar (and not-so-familiar) names for you: Triple-A Gary Sheffield, 3B, Denver (Brewers): American Association #2 (behind Mike Harkey, ahead of Randy Johnson). Steve Finley, OF, [...]

Did Giles Bounce Back, and Where Does He Go from Here?

As part of the book-writing process, I’m going through pretty much everything that we’ve covered here at Ducksnorts over the past year or so. One question we asked last November was whether Brian Giles‘ 2006 was a blip or the beginning of a slide. Among other things, we looked at a slew of historical comps [...]

Can Giles Bounce Back?

There’s been some discussion recently on the value of Brian Giles. Specifically, did his 2006 season (.263/.374/.397) represent an aberration or the beginning of the end? Giles turns 36 in January, so it’s tempting to believe that the latter is the case. However, there is precedent for a player performing at a very high level [...]