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Like Taking Candy from Fish in a Barrel

Swept by the hated Mariners by a combined score of 14-2? Nice of the Padres to make a cameo in Seattle’s weekend romp through our humble hamlet. The Padres are now 8-18 at Petco Park and have been outscored 109-59, or by roughly two runs a game. Here is where pithy commentary on an increasingly [...]

Howlin’ Wolf and Friends Take the Fifth

Randy Wolf‘s final line looks fantastic, and he pitched a beautiful game, but it didn’t seem dominant while I was watching. The Rockies hitters probably have a different opinion. Because my job is to pick nits, I found myself wondering why Wolf needed to throw so many pitches. He walked four and fanned nine, which [...]

Friday Links (2 Nov 07)

Hey, look, it’s links… A nod to good management and a nudge to spend more (Friar Forecast). MB gives the Padres front office staff props for procuring good talent on a small budget, but would like to see what they could do with more money. ‘Tainted supplement’ excuse outmoded (San Diego Union-Tribune). I love Victor [...]