Wednesday Links (17 Aug 11)

One of these years I will finish my essay comparing the scrappy indie-rock band Pavement to David Eckstein. While we’re all waiting for that to happen, here are some links you might enjoy…







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  1. Forsythe, Venable and Blanks look really good. I’m not sure what the Pads are going to do with all of their corner IF/OF, but it sure is nice to have some guys that can play a little.

  2. I really hope the Padres don’t try and go the Hawpe route agian and they just stick with the young talent they have now. I would hate to see a veterain on the tail end of his career take AB’s away from Guzman, Blanks, Venable, Rizzo and Darnell next season. To be honest I would be ok if the Padres went with a pure youth movement next season and had a roster somethign like this:

    C: Hundley, Martinez
    1B: Rizzo, Guzman, Blanks
    2B: Hudson, Forsythe
    SS: Bartlett, Gonzalez
    3B: Headley, Darnell, Forsythe
    LF: Guzman, Blanks
    CF: Maybin, Venable, Denorfia
    RF: Venable, Darnell, Denorfia


    Gregerson (CL)
    Frieri (8th)
    Bass (7th)
    Leblanc (Swing Man)

  3. @Steve C — hopefully, any FAs like Hawpe next year will be for bench depth, which I’m fine with. It would be nice if we could use something from our surplus of corner guys to get someone who can help us up the middle. The tandem of Bartlett and Hudson has not impressed so far.
    Although, I recognize that stability is nice at 2b/SS.

  4. The thing that makes me sad about this offensive surge is that I don’t really consider it a surge as much as the players playing to their expected level. Guzman has been the real surprise, but Venable, Hudson and Bartlett are all playing much better, though none are exactly ripping the cover off the ball (Bartlett: .273 in Aug, Hudson: .292). I think Jed must feel a little vindicated, because the offense on the field was substantially worst than they were on paper coming into the season, and now, the team is finally hitting more in line with what he (and I) expected. I think Buddy deserves a little credit too. With as much as he likes to play musical chairs with the lineup, having Maybin and Bartlett 1-2 and the the O-Dog in the 6 or 7 spot has worked.

    I think a few, wise FA pickups this offseason, and the team can really compete next year. I think we need to get a few more power arms in the pen, and probably a veteran inning eater in the rotation, and I think the team could be pretty good.