Thursday Links (14 Jul 11)

While we wait for actual games to resume, here are some links you might enjoy…

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  1. I love Joe’s comment that the Padres “lead the National League in steals which, in a weird way, makes them LESS exciting to watch because it all feels so futile. “

  2. Krasovic’s “Inside the Padres” blog post paints a pretty bleak picture of what we may be getting from the upcoming trades of Bell/Ludwick/(Adams?). I hope the Rodriguez-to-Milwaukee trade will spike the market for closers. It’s going to be depressing if we don’t get high-value prospects for these guys.

  3. @USMC

    We should ratchet down our expectations for trades, but some of those “unnamed exec” comments sound inane. Throw in money for Bell? He’ll only make about 3M for the rest of the season, and while his declining K rate scares me in terms of an extension, what RH reliever is more coveted right now? I’m all for adding money if it improves the prospect, but we should be able to get a B+ type without adding anything at all.

    My current addiction to mlbtradrerumors is compromising my work production.

  4. @TW: that comment was made prior to the ASG in which Bell showed off his physical prowess:

    this should increase his trade value, I think.

  5. @TW: I covet Adams more than I covet Bell. :-)

  6. How do we begin to covet, Pat?

  7. So the trade market is slow – but Jed Hoyer said he’ll expect “impact players” in any trades. Is this a negotiating ploy, or is he signaling that the team will stand pat and do it’s dealing in the offseason? The savings this season on Bell and Ludwick are not large, Hawpe can be bought out cheaply enough, and Harang looks like a bargain, so I’m beginning to think Jed’s not going to do much, unless he can send Hudson to Detroit and Bartlett to Milwaukee.

  8. I hope last night’s blown save doesn’t hurt Bell’s trade value too much.

    As for Ludwick, it sure would be nice if he’d get a few hits in July. He’s killing his trade value. Stinks.

  9. hmmm…3 walks, 1 error = no ER? boy was that bad and yet his ERA lowered. wow.

    to erase that memory, read this:

  10. “My current addiction to mlbtradrerumors is compromising my work production.”

    @Tom: Me too. And I’m off for the summer.