Sweeps Week

The Padres got swept by the Twins in Minnesota this weekend. All three games were decided by one run, which would be fantastic news if teams played for runs rather than for wins.

Pitchers of record were Brian Duensing, Scott Baker, and Alex Burnett. I know, right? They now have 83 big-league victories among them (60 of those belong to Baker, who is sort of a better version of Adam Eaton).

Minnesota batters hit three home runs in the series. Danny Valencia (.218/.279/.351, 73 OPS+) knocked two and Alexi Casilla (.264/.327/.358, 90 OPS+) accounted for the other.

The Padres are now 0-6 in interleague play but figure to turn that around with a three-game set in Boston, where they face the American League’s best team. Anything but more Duensing, Baker, Burnett, Valencia, and Casilla. Those guys are beasts.

The Red Sox can be beaten. Adrian Gonzalez? David Ortiz? Kevin Youkilis? Josh Beckett? Morons!

You might wonder how I wrote that last paragraph with a straight face. Easy: I didn’t write it with my face at all…

As I’ve noted in this week’s ESPN Power Rankings, Nick Hundley is 2-for-29 with 15 strikeouts since returning from the disabled list on June 8. As I’ll note in tomorrow’s Baseball Prospectus article, Anthony Rizzo is 1-for-20 with 4 walks and 8 strikeouts in his last 6 games.

Is it time to start tracking the race for next year’s no. 1 draft pick? The Padres are in a virtual tie with the Cubs for second place, three games back of Houston. Exciting stuff…

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  1. Geoff-

    Having attended all three games in MN, I couldn’t help but wonder who this team is anymore. Do the Pads play small-ball anymore? Do they get a few on and hope Ludwick comes to the plate to house one? What happened to the great defense? Errors were plentiful. At one point Friday night, I thought Delmon Young was playing for the Padres.

    Last year’s team would have scored Denorfia on Saturday after the lead-off triple. This year’s team seems more comfortable making Baker look like Nolan Ryan. I’m confused. On occasion I think “One or two hitters would mean these 1-run games go our way” and on other occasions I don’t know how they win any at all.

    The Padres front office is being allowed to get by on the cheap. I’m not asking for a huge 3x salary bump in personnel, but certainly a number that reflects good, long-term talent that can produce runs sufficient to get guys with the best ERA in the game a victory on most nights. (Poor Tim Stauffer.)

    Let’s hope Mr. Hyde visits the Red Sox at Fenway and we eek one out.