Is There a Draft in Here or Is That Just Me?

While Padres players were taking three out of four (at home!) against the Astros (the NL’s worst team, but we’ll take what we can get), folks in the front office prepared for the 2011 Amateur Draft. And yes, it’s now known as the First-Year Player Draft of Anaheim, but whatever.

The draft starts Monday at 4 p.m. PT, because starting it earlier in the day would make way too much sense, and continues through Wednesday. You can follow the draft online at

The Padres have picks at no. 10 and no. 25 in the first round. They also — thanks to Jon Garland, Yorvit Torrealba, and Kevin Correia — have five of the first 54 58 picks. This should be a good thing, but of course it’s no guarantee.

Anywho, I haven’t been following along as closely this year as in seasons past, but I scrounged up a few resources that you might find useful. Go nuts…

Top Prospect Lists and Scouting Reports

In alphabetical order:

Mock Drafts

By date (most recent first):

Source               Author           Date    #10                    #25
ScoutingBaseball     Frankie Piliere  June 5  George Springer, OF,   Andrew Susac, C,
                                              Connecticut            Oregon State

Perfect Game         David Rawnsley   June 4  Francisco Lindor, SS,  Cory Spangenberg, 3B/2B,
                                              Montverde Academy,     Indian River State (Fla.)
                                              Clermont, Fla.         JC

Baseball Prospectus  Kevin Goldstein  June 3  Matt Barnes, RHP,      Kolten Wong, 2B, Hawaii

Hardball Times       Vince Caramela   June 3  Barnes                 Spangenberg              Jonathan Mayo    June 2  Taylor Jungmann, RHP,  Spangenberg

DiamondScape         Staff            May 27  Trevor Bauer, RHP,     Spangenberg

Baseball America     Jim Callis       May 13  Jungmann               Spangenberg

Nobody seems to know what the Padres will do with that first pick (as compensation for failing to sign Karsten Whitson last year), although the general assumption seems to be that they’ll go the “safe” route because they won’t receive compensation this time if a deal doesn’t get done. Spangenberg shows up at no. 25 in many places, but who knows whether that means anything.

Feel free to add your own favorite sources in the comments. Opinions on mock drafts, who you think the Padres should/will take, etc., are also welcome.