Like Taking Candy from Fish in a Barrel

Swept by the hated Mariners by a combined score of 14-2? Nice of the Padres to make a cameo in Seattle’s weekend romp through our humble hamlet.

The Padres are now 8-18 at Petco Park and have been outscored 109-59, or by roughly two runs a game. Here is where pithy commentary on an increasingly sad state of affairs would go if I had any left to offer.

And didn’t we fix that whole suckage thing? This was fun:

4-2 51 39 .336 .373 .480

This, not so much:

1-5  6 25 .204 .254 .263

Oops, I forgot… you can’t tell squat from a six-game sample.

Fortunately, the Padres catch a break as the Cardinals come to town for three games. St. Louis only has the best run differential (+50) in the National League; is 14-11 on the road; and features Lance Berkman (.338/.451/.662), Matt Holliday (.349/.439/.557), and Albert Pujols (dangerous despite his current impersonation of Mark DeRosa).

Four things that promise to be more competitive than this series:

  1. Harlem Globetrotters vs Washington Generals
  2. Shooting fish in a barrel
  3. Taking candy from a baby
  4. Everything else in the world

Good times, my friends, good times. Bring it…

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  1. There is a reason they play the game.. get swept by Seattle, then a far superior Cardinals team comes to town.. Never know, maybe they will wake up? Am I took much of an optimist?

    After seeing 90% of the Padres games this year it seems like the team effort is lacking. Lots of players will go through good streaks on their own, but not many as a team and when 1 isn’t performing, the other isn’t doing a very good job at picking them up. I so miss last years team and chemistry. They were fun to watch

  2. The 2011 Padres are unwatchable. They will be lucky to win 70 games. At least, as each day passes, we are one day closer to seeing some of the young guys come up and play.

  3. The padres have lost only 4 games this year when scoring more than “3″ runs. They typically are not getting blown out. The Padres are not executing on defense and in situational offense this year. The strikeout rates are insane. What doesn’t make sense to me is why the situational offense and the strikeout rates are so glaring at home. It would seem that petco should not have an impact on the ability to bunt or make contact with the ball. The home numbers have to be an anomoly.

  4. thank god for mlb network. speaking of which, it was fun to listen to matty v completely disparage his former employer yesterday. the stat i remembered was:

    10 hits, 31 k’s.

    meanwhile, adrian g was the player of the game on sunday night baseball … :)

  5. I predict another no-hit effort by a Cardinal lefty. no, not by that Bud Smith but by a much better pitcher, Jaime Garcia.

    “Guys, play better, would you?” :

    This can’t help: 35 Ks in 64 PA, the whole team is an out machine.

  6. i’m inching closer to that point where i’m only going to pay attention when Maybin’s at bat or Latos is pitching…the rest of the team has ranged from terrible to just uninteresting. sigh

  7. I was at the game on Saturday Night, and from the very first pitch, the Padres’ hitters were swinging for the fences. They are not working the count, they are not trying for line drives, they are trying for home runs. How many fly balls to the warning track does Ludwick have to hit to understand that hitting in Petco is different than in St. Louis. Completely ridiculous. Its one thing to get blown out by a great team, but this is ridiculous. Oh, and it is possible to hit and score runs in Petco – Seattle and from all appearances, EVERY OTHER TEAM, can hit in Petco. Ugh.

    @Adam – you’re totally right about Maybin and Latos.