Tuesday Links (19 Apr 11)

When the Padres are back east (yeah, Houston and Chicago count as “back east” in my book — right there with Santee), it’s difficult for me to watch games so I can’t offer any real analysis. I can imagine Tim Stauffer and Dustin Moseley having a brief conversation after the Padres’ 1-0 loss to the Cubs on Monday:

Tim: Dude, I totally got Moseleyed out there.
Dustin: Yep.

Awkward silence… and scene.

Or I could just give you some links…

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  1. I don’t understand how OPS is good enough, when its basis is clearly flawed. It’s not like wOBA is super complicated. Why not use the better number?

  2. re: Garvey … DO NOT GET ME STARTED!!! :-(

    OT … here’s video of the longest non-HR I’ve ever seen in person …


    … which is Chase’s double up Tal’s hill which even Michael Bourn couldn’t catch!!!

  3. K Sampson pitches the first game of a double header for Ft. Wayne today, noon Eastern. Free to listen!

    I’d include a URL but I think that puts my post into “moderated” status. Look up the Tincaps site, the Gameday Audio link is easy to find.

  4. @Zach: Flawed and useless are two different things. We’re talking quick and dirty. Given OBP and SLG, all you have to do is add them in your head to get a decent approximation. If you want to do actual technical work that requires greater precision, then OPS isn’t the right tool. Tango sums it up well in the linked thread: “OPS does a good job, no doubt about it. It doesn’t do a great job.” I’m in complete agreement with that.

    @LynchMob: Heh, I thought you might have an opinion.

    @TW: Thanks for the heads-up; one link should make it through okay. Click here to get audio. Sampson’s starts have been fun to listen to, and Dan Watson calls a good game.

  5. James Darnell is ON FIRE … and is recognized by John Sickles as “Prospect of the Day” …


  6. Is the audio feed for the Tin Caps game working for you guys? I am getting nothing…

  7. @zmac

    It doesn’t come on until the game starts — you don’t get the pregame feed from that link.

  8. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to work Mr. Creosote into a comment about the Padres unsuccessfully for 24 hours (to be clear, that’s not the ONLY thing I’ve focused on), so I’ll just say nicely played with the last link!

  9. @Tom, didnt the game start at 9? My post was from 9:14. Box score looks like it wasnt Sampson’s best outing anyway.

  10. @zmac

    It started later than that, I don’t know the exact time, but it was dead for me right until the first pitch.

    In his last inning Sampson gave up two walks and then former RF Carvajal gave up a single and a grand slam. Sounds like a nasty day to play baseball.