Wednesday Links (9 Mar 11)

I’ve got nothing today but links. Enjoy…

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  1. Speaking of the Sloan Conference, they also webcasted a panel called “New Sports Owners: The Challenges and Opportunities,” which included Jeff Moorad. He gave some interesting insight on how his group came to acquire the team and how they run it. Based on what they did with last year’s webcasts, I would assume at some point this year’s will be made available to watch.

  2. A comment at BP says the Padres contacted Bengie Molina, but he wasn’t available. Source was attributed to Jed Hoyer.

    The context for this was Nats’ Jesus Flores … so … perhaps a Nats’ catcher could be traded for?

  3. Did anyone read the Padres’ top 10 prospects list article on

    They have Decker’s MLB ETA set for next year, does that seem early to anyone else? Based upon his struggles last year (due to injury) and his young age he would need another few years to simmer in the minor leagues.

    If that article is correct then the Padres may start to formulate what will be their core team for the next 5 or 6 years next season:

    Years of team control (#)

    C: Hundley (3)
    1B: Rizzo (6)
    3B: Headley (3)
    LF: Decker (6)
    CF: Maybin (2) <= Based upon cots but this does not seem right
    RF: Venable (4)

    Latos (4)
    Richards (3)
    Luebke (6) <= assuming they wait to pull him up this season
    Kelly (6)
    Castro (6)

    It will nice to finally have a stable Padres lineup and rotation for multiple years.

  4. @ Steve: Seems too early to me, but not based upon his performance last year, based solely on age and inexperience. I think he continued to show he’s a top level hitting prospect last year, injuries and all. Of course this year will be a big test moving up to AA and into San Antonio’s notoriously pitcher friendly park.

  5. More on Jaff: I guess if ETA includes a September call up, I would not say it’s too early. If we’re thinking ETA means significant playing time, then, yes, it’s too early. Would not be at all surprised to see him on the bench in September though.

  6. @Steve C

    2012 for Decker doesn’t seem overly aggressive, especially if we’re talking late-season callup. 2011 in AA, start 2012 in AAA to face pitchers with major league experience. If he stays healthy enough to get 800 at-bats over that time, and hits like he has in the lower minors, keeping him down would be a financial decision. Might be the right one, but he wouldn’t need more simmering.

    Cots shows Maybin with only 1.073 years of major league service, even less than Latos. He’s under Padre control for a long time yet. No options, though.

    Stable roster — Don’t jinx it. Compare our minor league system now to what it was in 2000-2001. The previous group was even more highly regarded, and out of it we got Peavy, two seasons of league-average Burroughs, and trade pieces like Perez and Nady.

  7. @Steve – very little that Jonathan Mayo writes seems to make sense, so his ETA for Decker is right in line with most of his statements.

    @Geoff re: the Renteria/Baxter story… I’m pretty sure that when McCann damn near brained Luis Salazar the other day, it was his second such spring training incident as well (although this one is much more serious than any of the others). Glad to see Louie appears to be doing well, but fear that at some point, his name will appear along-side Matt Keough’s in a story about someone actually getting killed in the dugout by a struck ball, and the long history of lackluster responses to such danger by MLB and its teams.

  8. @Tom Waits, Cots also has Maybin entering his second year of arbitration next season, it may be a typo though.

    Did he sign a Major League deal when he was drafted so his clock has always been ticking?

  9. Oops, thought the ETA was this year, not 2012. Yes, I agree with Tom; 2012 seems about right. :-)

  10. @Steve C

    Leaning towards typo, and I believe they’re a year early anyway. He didn’t sign a major league deal, far as I can tell. He shouldn’t be eligible until 2013 unless he’s a Super 2. Slim chance of that. It could get pushed even further back if he was sent through waivers unclaimed.

    Detroit started his clock early, but the Tigers and Marlins demoted him so often he didn’t accumulate any time.

  11. There’s often confusion about what a major league contract means for a player out of the draft. While a player may agree to a big-league deal when they sign, they do not acquire any major league service time until/unless they are on a big-league roster. As a result, it has no impact on when they reach arbitration or free agency. What it impacts is option years, thereby making it likely a player will be in the big leagues by the start of their fourth season.