Wednesday Links (9 Mar 11)

I’ve got nothing today but links. Enjoy…

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  1. Speaking of the Sloan Conference, they also webcasted a panel called “New Sports Owners: The Challenges and Opportunities,” which included Jeff Moorad. He gave some interesting insight on how his group came to acquire the team and how they run it. Based on what they did with last year’s webcasts, I would assume at some point this year’s will be made available to watch.

  2. A comment at BP says the Padres contacted Bengie Molina, but he wasn’t available. Source was attributed to Jed Hoyer.

    The context for this was Nats’ Jesus Flores … so … perhaps a Nats’ catcher could be traded for?

  3. Did anyone read the Padres’ top 10 prospects list article on

    They have Decker’s MLB ETA set for next year, does that seem early to anyone else? Based upon his struggles last year (due to injury) and his young age he would need another few years to simmer in the minor leagues.

    If that article is correct then the Padres may start to formulate what will be their core team for the next 5 or 6 years next season:

    Years of team control (#)

    C: Hundley (3)
    1B: Rizzo (6)
    3B: Headley (3)
    LF: Decker (6)
    CF: Maybin (2) <= Based upon cots but this does not seem right
    RF: Venable (4)

    Latos (4)
    Richards (3)
    Luebke (6) <= assuming they wait to pull him up this season
    Kelly (6)
    Castro (6)

    It will nice to finally have a stable Padres lineup and rotation for multiple years.

  4. @ Steve: Seems too early to me, but not based upon his performance last year, based solely on age and inexperience. I think he continued to show he’s a top level hitting prospect last year, injuries and all. Of course this year will be a big test moving up to AA and into San Antonio’s notoriously pitcher friendly park.