Open Thread: This Time, You Ask Me a Question

My favorite color is red… no, blue. Next?

* * *


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  1. No Blue? Man it must have killed you when the Padres switched from brown to blue! How about Sand?

  2. SteveC … just so you stop worrying about it, I’m pretty sure that you missed GY’s comma … he did not say “no blue” … he said “no, blue” … which, imo, means he changed his mind, mid-sentance … his favorite color *is* blue … so i’m guessing he was happy with the switch from brown to blue … unlike many of us … who despise all things blue … especially Steve Garvey :-)

  3. @LynchMob ah gotcha thanks!

    New Question: One word, Black or Bochey?

  4. Why do you hate Pavement? What is your deal man? Seriously?

    And a fourth-part follow-up to my question…. who is your favorite music artist and/or band?

  5. What moment do you like best:

    - when Ray Kinsella asks his dad if he wants to have a catch;


    - when Roy Hobbs smashes the bomb into the lights;


    - when Willie Mays Hayes scores from second on the Jake Taylor bunt.

  6. As the Padres starters start their second outings of the Spring, where is Clayton Richard? He hasn’t pitched and I’ve heard no reason why? I have him in several fantasy leagues and am worried.

  7. @Steve–I wouldn’t worry about Clayton; he ran the QB challenge in camp, and the MLB channel did a brief feature on him last night, a promo for tonight’s “30 Teams in 30 Days” about the Padres (8PM Pacific). He ought to be getting some innings soon.