Open Thread: This Time, You Ask Me a Question

My favorite color is red… no, blue. Next?

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  1. No Blue? Man it must have killed you when the Padres switched from brown to blue! How about Sand?

  2. SteveC … just so you stop worrying about it, I’m pretty sure that you missed GY’s comma … he did not say “no blue” … he said “no, blue” … which, imo, means he changed his mind, mid-sentance … his favorite color *is* blue … so i’m guessing he was happy with the switch from brown to blue … unlike many of us … who despise all things blue … especially Steve Garvey :-)

  3. @LynchMob ah gotcha thanks!

    New Question: One word, Black or Bochey?

  4. Why do you hate Pavement? What is your deal man? Seriously?

    And a fourth-part follow-up to my question…. who is your favorite music artist and/or band?

  5. What moment do you like best:

    - when Ray Kinsella asks his dad if he wants to have a catch;


    - when Roy Hobbs smashes the bomb into the lights;


    - when Willie Mays Hayes scores from second on the Jake Taylor bunt.

  6. As the Padres starters start their second outings of the Spring, where is Clayton Richard? He hasn’t pitched and I’ve heard no reason why? I have him in several fantasy leagues and am worried.

  7. @Steve–I wouldn’t worry about Clayton; he ran the QB challenge in camp, and the MLB channel did a brief feature on him last night, a promo for tonight’s “30 Teams in 30 Days” about the Padres (8PM Pacific). He ought to be getting some innings soon.

  8. @Steve – I think Clayton’s more of a proven commodity at this point, it seems management is more interested in seeing the unknowns – Luebke, LeBlanc, Moseley, etc. and getting Stauffer stretched out.

  9. desert island dessert, what would it be?

    ok, how about food w/ the missus on the island, three course menu, live band, morning/noon/night?
    what would they be?

  10. Will you go to Cooperstown again? 5 years from now?

    Will Blanks live up to his potential?

  11. If Jed let you play GM for a day and let you make one trade offer who would it be for and who would you offer in return?

  12. OT … re: Latos …;_ylt=AvwfOnSxh1jmGcUqJGhTJH85nYcB?slug=jp-latospadres030511

    Alternately angry, funny, caustic, serious and caring, Latos certainly isn’t one thing: boring. Not with his thoughts nor his stuff, as he spent a good portion of his first full season leading the National League in earned-run average and returns with a blistering fastball, wipeout slider and Bochy-sized head.

    … well said :-)

  13. Geoff’s favorite band is The Barnyard Casanovas. He’s got a mammoth man-crush on the drummer.

  14. As an established writer who is published elsewhere, do you have groupies following you? Not the rock-star-type groupies, but people who recognize you as a writer and want to hang out with you, hoping to tag along on interviews and, through you, get access to their favorite players that other fans can’t.

    I overheard a couple of fans recounting the tricks they’ve tried to get closer access to their favorite players, and though they didn’t mention it, I can imagine some of them have tried to latch onto a writer/interviewer who they thought had greater access.

    You must have at least one story, Geoff. Change the names to protect the guilty, if you must, but let us in on the inside-baseball part of baseball writing.

  15. Note to self: Stop making Monty Python references…

    @Steve C: Black. He plays the kids… I need to think on the GM question a bit more.

    @RJ: This deserves (and at some point will receive) more thorough consideration, but the short version is that I can’t get past Pavement’s catastrophic technical incompetence.

    As for musical faves, if I had to pick just one, it would be Rush. But if I had to pick just one, I would be miserable because I love diversity. I want my Bach, I want my Mingus, I want my Cocteau Twins, my Hall and Oates, my Primus…

    @Ryan: With all due respect to Willie Mays Hayes, I’ve got to go with Ray Kinsella. That gets me every time. Never saw The Natural; I dug the book and heard they ruined the ending.

    @Didi: Three course menu: Ahi poke, miso-grilled salmon with asparagus on the side, raspberry & white chocolate cheesecake. Live band: Willie K. If we include dead people, give me Sarah Vaughn with Count Basie, or Tommy Dorsey with Frank Sinatra.

    @LynchMob: I hope so (x3).

    @Lance: Yeah, he’s hot.

    @Larry: Interesting question… I will need to think on this one a bit more as well.

  16. Pork Soda or Sailing the Seas of Cheese?

  17. Geoff – don’t give up on Python jokes… they’re not dead yet!
    I mean, really, Steve C and Lynch Mob can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just because some moistened bink lobbed a scimitar at them.
    (Someone stop me now!)

  18. @Steve C: Both, although if I had to choose one, it would be Cheese (after all, Tom Waits makes an appearance). Come to think of it, I’d go with the cover EPs, particularly Rhinoplasty. Their version of Metallica’s “The Thing That Should Not Be” is outstanding.

    @David: Thanks, now I feel fine… I think I’ll go for a walk.

  19. Nicely played sir, nicely played!