Me, Elsewhere: Hittin’ the SweetSpot

I had the privilege of being guest author at SweetSpot today. My contribution consists of three articles. Unfortunately the Padres are not represented, which is entirely my fault. I had a couple ideas but couldn’t make them work.

Here are the articles (my original stupid, cutesy titles in parentheses):

  • The worst pitching duel ever? This is the flip side of a series I did at Hardball Times highlighting the best duels in baseball history. The amazing thing is, George Earnshaw and Wes Ferrell were pretty good pitchers. (“Some days, you don’t have your best stuff”)
  • More to starting pitching than wins, losses. This is review material for many of you, but I always enjoy looking at these things. (“Hansonland and Narvesonia”)
  • Robin Yount was different kind of player. I may have shared this story before, but it’s one of my fondest spring training memories. (“Unreasonable things”)

Thanks to ESPN for the opportunity and to everyone for the support. Enjoy!

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