Has It Started Yet?

Hey, look, a box score. The Padres lost, 13-12, to the Mariners (those rapscallions!) in 10 innings. Nick Hundley, James Darnell, and Logan Forsythe all homered for San Diego. Starter Tim Stauffer got shelled. Samuel Deduno took the loss.

Here’s my favorite bit from the game recap:

San Diego third baseman Chase Headley, a switch-hitter who has vowed to hit better from the right side this year after posting a .217 average against lefties in 2010, went 2-for-2 with a walk against left-hander Luke French.

Three plate appearances… I’m glad Headley’s got that problem licked. Sample size much?

Anyway, some people (among them, thankfully, Padres GM Jed Hoyer) believe that spring training statistics don’t mean anything. I say horsefeathers. Like a double rainbow, they might not mean what you think they mean, but they do mean something… namely, that actual baseball is just around the corner.

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  1. Some where Dewon Brazelton is frowning…

  2. Here’s a link from Aug 2010 which got posted in a comments section at BP …


    I’m pretty I remember this being mentioned here … Ben Davis trying to come back as a pitcher … sure, I’ll root for him!

  3. let’s hope Maybin’s 5-tool isn’t as mythical as Earth in BSG.