Friday Links (7 Jan 11)

Looking for Hall of Fame links? There were so many, they got their own space. For everything else, please press “0″ or hold for the next available operator…

Current Padres

  • The Playoffs Sweet Spot (FanGraphs). The Padres are rebuilding, while the defending champs in San Francisco are considered “fringe contenders”? Tough crowd…
  • Makeover bolsters Padres’ defense, pitching ( Corey Brock asks a bunch of questions and provides an equal number of answers. He suggests, among other things, that Aaron Cunningham may start the year at Triple-A. If you need to know where Cunningham stands in the organization, well, he’s 25 years old… so there you go.
  • Brad Hawpe (Inside the Padres). Tom Krasovic remembers a home run Hawpe, then with the Rockies, hit at Petco Park in 2007.
  • Brad Hawpe replacing Adrian Gonzalez, doing his thing (Gaslamp Ball). Jbox doesn’t care for the Hawpe signing: “…my expectations are extremely low for Brad Hawpe… Would any of you be surprised if he’s not playing first base full time at the end of the season? Not me.” It wouldn’t surprise me, either, but I don’t care. His long-term importance to the organization is nil. Best case, he provides enough now to help and/or fetch something of value in trade, making way for the prospects when they are ready. (This, incidentally, is why passing on Adam LaRoche and his desire for a long-term contract was a good idea.)
  • The Padres Waive Type A (FanGraphs). Jed Hoyer has devised a novel strategy for drawing free agents to San Diego, i.e., “promising not to offer arbitration if his newly inked free agents reach Type A status.”
  • Rich Team, Poor Team – Part II (Pitchers Hit Eighth). This is a thoughtful piece on a subject that I know bothers some Padres fans. As I mentioned to the author on Twitter: “Nice article, although it’s worth noting that our ‘shoddy bill of goods’ won more than yours in 2010.” Just havin’ some fun…

Former Padres

Future Padres




Happy Friday…

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  1. The thing about promising to forgo arbitration offers in the event of Type A status is that it doesn’t look to hurt us any. The whole FA compensation system is likely to be eliminated next offseason. So all Jed did was promise not to do something we probably won’t be able to do anyway.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed all the HOF articles and blog entries and comments, both pre and post results announcement. My favorite comment: Now that Blyleven’s in the HOF, do we need the internet anymore? :-)

  3. Could Brown be the light version of Blyleven?

    And, BTW, Bartlett to a 2-year contract. Where does that put Cabrera and Cumberland?

    Not baseball related but it’s one of the best Joe Poz articles:

  4. @LynchMob: No, I think the Internet pretty much served its purpose. Now that Blyleven is in… well, it’s been nice knowing y’all…

    @Didi: I’m surprised at how easily voters dismissed Kevin Brown and John Franco. I don’t mean that they should have gone in, but one and done seems harsh.

  5. @Didi #1

    Cumberland might need two years to get a full season’s worth of experience, anyway. He’s cursed on the health front. Cabrera looked so bad last year, with whispers about a loss of work ethic, that he’s now being considered as a future utility player — something that could change based on his performance this year, but clearly they don’t plan on him contributing as a starter in the next two years. Neither Bartlett nor Hudson would be a terrible contract to trade if it came to that.

    As a father of two girls fresh off our first trip to Disneyworld, the Joe P story immediately became an all-time favorite. I probably would have chosen the “Get both of them” path of least resistance and missed the chance to see Katie being wonderful.

  6. @GY

    Lou Whitaker says “Welcome to the club, Kevin and John!”

    I’m not sure that I’d vote for any of the three, but not even a second ballot?

  7. @Didi … *thanks* for the link to JoePoz article … wow … one of the best, indeed!

  8. @Tom Waits,

    Thanks for the clarifications. Let’s hope the Padres can get a SS prospect in the draft. Glad you enjoyed the Joe Poz article, it’s wonderful, isn’t it?

    Yeah, Brown and Franco, one and done is surprising. Let’s hope Trammell is going in, though his votes aren’t increasing enough.