Small-Market Sonnet

Will cash alone make winners of our club?
If only they could sign the brightest stars,
Our city would no longer feel the snub
Of those who congregate in Eastern bars.

Such stars will shine when money sails their way,
Restoring glory to the team we cheer.
They cannot lose if big names come to play,
While those who snubbed us blubber in their beer.

But wealth is naught without judicious plans,
And those who mocked our lack of loaded guns
Will scorn us more when riches fail those fans
Who thought the cash would lead to extra runs.

If wins result from throwing coin at fame,
If wits help not — then how be that a game?

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  1. Which is easier to change … a situation where cash is the limiting factor or a situation where wits is the limiting factor? It’s clear to me that while the cash flow can literally be changed in an instant but the wits that exist in the organization cannot, the reality of “business” is that an owner typically does not change the cash situation … hence fan perception/frustration. No one really believes that winning is solely a function of cash/payroll, right?

    Is the distribution of wits > the distribution of cash? I don’t think so … the revenue distribution seems pretty wide … and I believe that the folks running even the “dumbest” MLB clubs are pretty witty. So if most clubs are equally witty, then the variance in results seems likely more due to the distribution of cash … again leading to the fan perception/frustration.

    I’m very OK being a fan of club which is low-revenue and hence does need more wits to win … it makes the rare winning seasons even sweeter … and minimizes the “scorn” …