Friday Links (8 Oct 10)

I’m still working on my season wrapup. Every time I sit down to write, it comes out “lkjasdf” or “qweiopu” or even “)*(#@%)*#$!!!” I do have some thoughts, but I’m finding it difficult to articulate them. Meanwhile, we’ve got lots o’ links…

Looking Backward

Looking Forward

Looking Sideways

Happy Friday. Is it spring training yet?

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  1. Rational thoughts on the season, that should be interesting. Mine all start with *&@##$%% and end with *%^&**&. with a little bit of would of, could of, should of, in between.

  2. The Darr story is touching. I was just thinking about Mike Darr the other day. It’s good to see that his family appears to be doing well.

  3. I wonder how influential Baseball Analysts will be in MOTY. Krasovic mentioned hearing from the East Coast Media types gushing over Manuel’s performance “overcoming” all the early season injuries. I expect there will be votes for Bobby Cox no matter where the Braves finish, as well as Bochy or Dusty if the Giants or Reds make the WS. As with all postseason awards, if the ECM didn’t see it, it didn’t happen, and since the Padres didn’t do well against the Phillies and Mets on their East Coast visits (and the ECM is asleep when West Coast games are played), I don’t expect Bud to finish very high in the voting.