Who Moved My… What’s That Thing Called?

If you can separate yourself from the experience for a moment, there’s no denying this is fascinating stuff. Everyone loves an underdog, but everyone also loves a train wreck. When the two collide… it usually ends up as reality television, but that’s another story (doubtless told by an idiot).

I’ve heard that people are panicking on the heels of seven straight losses. You know what’s the worst thing you can say to a person who is panicking? Don’t panic.

I have no idea if that’s true, but it sounds good. I said it with authority and conviction… it seems plausible. So I won’t tell you not to panic.

At any rate, I thought an inspirational quote might help, so I grabbed my copy of Bartlett’s Quotations. Only wouldn’t you know, I grabbed Roget’s Thesaurus instead. I grabbed someone’s something, anyway.

Hey now!

I opened to a random page and came across the entry for “Disappointment.” Here’s a small sample of what I found:

  • blasted expectation
  • dashed hope
  • blighted hope
  • frustration
  • discomfiture
  • bafflement
  • setback
  • letdown
  • failure
  • fizzle
  • fiasco
  • disillusionment
  • tantalization
  • mirage
  • tease
  • bummer

Granted, that’s not very inspirational, but speaking of small samples, check this out:

Dates      G  W  L  Pct  RS  RA
4/5-8/25 125 76 49 .608 560 426
8/26-9/1   7  0  7 .000  16  41

Setting aside the issue of terrible segues (or even Segways), I leave you with three questions:

  1. Do you believe the first 95% of the season so far or the last 5%?
  2. Do you prefer frustration, setback, bummer, or one of the others?
  3. Where the heck is my copy of Bartlett’s Quotations?
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