Thursday Links (9 Sep 10)

Real life rears its ugly head, so we’ll run links a day early this week. It’s crazy party time…

Young Pitchers

  • Relievers compared to Strasburg (Hardball Times). Sean Smith notes statistical similarities between Stephen Strasburg and several former closers, including current idiot/broadcaster Rob Dibble. Interestingly, from a stuff standpoint, Dibble is the first pitcher that came to mind when I saw Strasburg at SDSU. I really hope Stras makes a full recovery; the last pitcher I saw dominate with two power pitches like that was — and I hope I’m not jinxing him by saying this — Kerry Wood.
  • Matusz Putting Together a Strong Finish (FanGraphs). Meanwhile, here’s some encouraging news about the left-hander from San Diego’s other (read “better”) baseball program.
  • The Top 100 K/100P Leaders (Baseball Analysts). In which Rich Lederer asks, among other things, “With Stephen Strasburg sidelined through 2011, is there a better 22-year-old (or younger) pitcher than Mat Latos?” [h/t reader Didi]
  • Latos must be part of any Cy Young conversation (U-T). Tim Sullivan joins in the chorus of praise.
  • Is Mat Latos better than Jake Peavy? (Sacrifice Bunt). I love these kinds of questions. As I’ve noted elsewhere, Latos is way ahead of Peavy at a similar stage of development. Good stuff from Ray and the gang.
  • Davis loses no-hit bid in eighth ( San Antonio right-hander Erik Davis surrendered just one single against Corpus Christi on Sunday. Bonus points for rockin’ the sweet goggles. This came a day after teammate Matt Clark hit for the cycle.
  • Mark Prior Agrees to Deal With Rangers (FanHouse). What? He’s still young. Well, he’s still from San Diego. [h/t reader Didi]

Portland Beavers

The Streak

  • Happy Labor Day (Inside the Padres). Tom Krasovic writes: “It’s often said that the Padres aren’t playing the caliber of baseball they had played in building up a 76-49 record. I agree with the substance of that view, but I think it gets overstated. Several times, probably at least 10, I watched the Padres win a game this year and thought they played a bad game.” Of course, the same can be said of most teams in most seasons.
  • Padres challenged to pull it together ( In which Matthew Leach asks, “What in the world is going on here? A month ago, the Padres were being handed the National League West in many quarters, including this one. The issue wasn’t whether they’d play in October, but rather how deep they would go.”
  • Snap! Padres end 10-game losing streak (Yahoo!) From Tim Brown’s article: “Their habitat is sand and marine layer and doubt.” Say wha’? Is that like saying (and I truly wish I could take credit for this), “The universe is composed mainly of hydrogen and ignorance”? [h/t reader Didi]

Vaguely Padresish

Whatever Else

More wins, please. Happy weekend and stuff…

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  1. Stupid Garland and his comment while not holding up his end in this game, walking batters and giving up extra base hits. Next time shut up and do your job.

    After the game, he seems to realize that he didn’t give the team a chance to compete. What’s with all the home runs in that game?

    This about the bullpen:

  2. BPs John Perrotto likes the way Trevor handled #600 …

    In addition to telling the media that he felt largely responsibilities for the Brewers’ poor season, he also apologized to his teammates in a brief team meeting during the aftermath of save No. 600 in which teammates Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, and Todd Coffey carried him off the field at Miller Park. Melvin said he got chills listening to Hoffman briefly address his teammates.

    “I’m big into Westerns,” Melvin said. “I felt like John Wayne was in the locker room. You don’t hear things like very often. He’s a great spokesman for the game.”