Tuesday Links (31 Aug 10)

So, yeah…

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  1. BP’s Playoff Odds Report shows the Rox gained 12% in the past 7 days while the Padres drop’d 4% …


    I still like the Padres’ odds (89%) :-)

  2. I’m getting really tired of hearing people diss Padres fans for not showing up at the ballpark. Don’t they know there’s a Great Recession going on? Don’t they know it was caused by a real estate implosion, and San Diego is one of the major epicenters? Don’t they know real estate is/was over 20% of the San Diego economy, and the region has lost 95,000 jobs in the last two years? Maybe they should also ask a plumber, carpenter or remodeler who’s still working, “How’s business?”

    The fact is, it takes money to attend a ballgame, and for a family, a LOT of money, and the fans don’t have it. The Padres eliminated the “family bargain” nights, and have only a two-for-one ticket deal – in the right field upper deck. Even San Diegans with jobs are living in reduced circumstances.

    Maybe people should have some perspective. I saw my first major league game at Fenway in 1965. My sister got the best box seats, right behind the Red Sox dugout, that cost $4 bucks apiece. The seats are still there, only they cost $130 now. Even when the prices were low, attendance in the old days was much lower. In 1965, the Twins won 102 games and had the highest AL attendance – less than 1.5 million! Last year, the Padres drew 1.9 million on the heels of a 99-loss season with 11% unemployment. This year, attendance will probably top 2 million, which is actually astounding for the economic conditions.

  3. Larry,
    I’m not sure your example provides perspective. You can make the Marlins and A’s attendance look good today by comparing it to 1965. Yes, attendance was much lower 40-50 years ago (especially in the AL), but a franchise today is in trouble drawing 1.5 million.
    I think the recession plays a part in the Padres attendance woes, but there are plenty of other towns that are struggling too. What is discouraging is that the Padres have been 12th in league attendance for three straight years. The numbers this season are lower than 2008 (99 losses).
    In other words, attendance, when compared to the Padres recent past, or to other NL teams, has not improved despite being in first place. I hope the FO doesn’t interpret that to mean the fans aren’t really interested in a winning team.

    Sometimes there is a lag with gate numbers because so many tickets are bought pre-season. 2008 was inflated a bit by the team being decent the year before. This year has been hurt by the dismal play of the previous two years.
    Still, I think the talk about attendance is a legitimate concern. A weekend series against the Phillies should have drawn bigger crowds (how come all the Phillie fans showed up despite the recession? Does the poor SD economy only hurt Padre fans?) A first-place team should not be 12th in league attendance. And a first-place team should be able to improve their attendance and rank from the previous two losing seasons.

  4. @LynchMob: Thanks for the link. Adam Kilgore at the Washington Post goes into more detail. Money quote from Nats president Stan Kasten:

    Rob asked for some time off. Perhaps he’s not feeling well. But I’m not a doctor, nor have I seen his records. So I shouldn’t say anything more about it.