Tuesday Links (4 May 10)

It’s time once again to clear off the virtual desk…

  • Fun With Latos’ PTLWs (Chicken Friars). Nathaniel notes that Mat Latos has had more success with his changeup this year than last, but not as much with his fastball.
  • Fandom?? (RJ’s Fro). SDPads1 waxes philosophical about ex-Padres Trevor Hoffman and Jake Peavy. Bonus points for a photo of both of them with friend of Ducksnorts, Steve Poltz.
  • Know your no-nos (Hardball Times). Sal Baxamusa asks a compelling question: “Were you watching Ubaldo Jimenez’s no-hitter a few weeks ago? At what point did you begin to think that he could actually do it? In the third inning? Fifth? Seventh?” Okay, technically that’s five questions, but read the article; it’s good.
  • The Network Structure of Baseball Blogs: Part 1 (Baseball Analysts). Dave Allen engages in a little navel gazing, complete with cool graphics.
  • Card of the Week: 1997 Score #172 Fred McGriff (Baseball-Reference). Andy pens a fun piece on the former Padres first baseman.
  • Padres’ 5 shutouts (Baseball-Reference). Andy gives the Padres a little more love.
  • What We Learned in Week Four (FanGraphs). Dave Cameron notes, among other things, that former Padres right-hander Clay Hensley “has reinvented himself” and is pitching surprisingly well for the Florida Marlins. Good for him; I always liked Hensley, especially after the time he got whacked in the head with a broken bat and stayed in the game. That was epic.
  • Cooperstown Confidential: Bob Locker talks Marvin Miller (Hardball Times). Bruce Markusen chats with former big-league reliever Bob Locker about former MLBPA leader Marvin Miller, whom Locker is advocating for the Hall of Fame.
  • Wade LeBlanc: How Good Is This Guy? (Gaslamp Ball). Zach concludes that the young left-hander “has a chance to be a solid, above-average starter,” but you should read the entire article to learn how he arrives at that conclusion.

That’s all for now. More as it happens…

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