Me, Elsewhere: The Amazing Adventures of Jaff Decker and Friends

We made the trek up to Lake Elsinore this past weekend, and out popped an article at Hardball Times. I got my first look at Jaff Decker and saw several other prospects, including Allan Dykstra, Drew Cumberland, Cole Figueroa, Blake Tekotte, and Anthony Bass.

My general feeling on Decker, after seeing him, “is that he looks good in the batter’s box and that concerns about his body appear to be overstated.” As for Cumberland, despite his terrific numbers, he hasn’t wowed me when I’ve watched him this year. Meanwhile, I remain irrationally optimistic about Bass despite his lack of strikeouts, and I’m almost ready to admit out loud that Dykstra is a lost cause.

Go read the article. It’s got pictures and stuff.

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  1. While I agree that many of the concerns about Decker’s weight were overblown by both Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America, despite an excellent article that I wrote for them on Decker…LOL

    But to be fair he does look different in spring training and now at Lake Elsinore than he did in Fort Wayne and the Arizona League.

    Right now he is around 195 to 200 at about 5’10″. Last year he was playing around 210 to 215 and he came into camp at about 220.

  2. Don’t look now, but Cedric Hunter is actually off to a decent start in AA.

  3. Imagine how good the team would be if they didn’t continually throw away their first round picks! At least they didn’t pay a lot for Dykstra. If Fuson and Towers never get a meaningful front office job anymore I wonder if the Dykstra pick will be the reason why?

  4. In the two games I have been to Lake Elsinore, I have left very unimpressed with Allan Dykstra. Very stiff.

  5. Jack Bernacchi reminds me of young Jaff Decker. This may be the new style of young left-handed power hitters: 5’10″, 200.