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The Padres have signed outfielder Cliff Floyd to a 1-year contract and designated Matt Bush for assignment to clear a roster spot. Floyd’s deal is for $750,000 — or $2.4 million less than what it originally took to sign Bush, who didn’t hit enough to remain at shortstop, converted to pitcher, and missed the entire 2008 season after blowing his arm out with just 7 2/3 A-ball innings under his belt.

I actually like the Floyd signing. Dude can hit and may have trade value if this season turns out to be as bad for the Pads as many of us expect.

As for Bush, I guess have a nice life and say hello to Mr. Chambers for us. Maybe take up the kazoo

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  1. Whatever good John Moores did for the Padres will always be overshadowed by his decision to take Matt Bush #1 over better players. Maybe that’s why his wife is divorcing him — she brings it up all the time like Frank Constanza “Why did you draft Matt Bush!”

    The Cliff Floyd signing kind of confuses me as now they have 6 outfielders — Giles, Gerut, Headley, Venable, Hairston and Floyd. Again, logically, it seems that Kouz will have to be traded, preferably for a SS, because they can’t go into the season like this, can they?

    By the way, Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA forecast system loves Jody Gerut, projecting a 302/365/502 line for next season with 27 2B, 4 3B, and 15 HR in 455 AB’s. They rate him as the most valuable Padre, 25th best player overall in the majors, and 8th best OF’er. However, there are some problems as they use 3 year numbers and all Gerut has is last year (the same thing goes for Cristian Guzman who they project as the 11th best player overall and Matt Wieters as the 6th best!). That’s the problem with using strictly mathematical models I guess.

  2. In the 45 year history of the June Draft, there are only two #1 picks that never made it to the Majors, even if it was just for a cup of coffee.
    Steve Chilcott by the Mets in 1966
    Brien Taylor by the Yankees in 1991
    It looks like Matt Bush will become the third.

    As for Cliff Floyd, I hope he can stay healthy. He seems to be well liked wherever he plays.

  3. DePo’s thoughts …

    It will be interesting to see if Matt Bush is the next Joaquim Soria … doubt it … but could be …

  4. OT … interesting note on the 2009 schedule …

    A home game against the Dodgers on Thursday, October 1, was moved to Tuesday, April 7.

  5. When we were talking about Moores’ tenure as Padre owner, we talked about how crappy the expansion Padres were. This might help explain why:

  6. What do you guys think of the picking up Andruw Jones? I’ve read a couple of articles and it seems all he wants is a starting spot.

  7. Wow, this is frightening. Even you have seemed to lose all hope for this season. I’d hate to see what the UT discussions look like at this time.

  8. Kevin Towers chatted at ESPN yesterday. He talked about Peavy, mentioned that the Padres shouldn’t have a limited draft budget, and is apparently as bitter at Rich Garcia as many of us are.