Stalking Strasburg

Reader Lance informs us that SDSU is offering a “Strasburg Plan” as one of its 2009 season ticket packages. For $24, you get to see six games. Four of those are projected starts by Stephen Strasburg, the preseason favorite to be the #1 pick in the upcoming June draft.

I’ve spent the past few years watching Brian Matusz and Josh Romanski over at USD, and every time I’ve made the trip to Tony Gwynn Stadium, I’ve missed Strasburg. So yeah, I’m there.

While we’re on the subject, Myron at Friar Forecast examines each of Strasburg’s 2008 starts, including park factors and strength of schedule. Interesting stuff.

Okay, back to the book…

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  1. Typical Padres, even when they are totally terrible they still screw that up and don’t guarantee themselves the #1 pick.

    Baseball America has had their first mock draft, with Strasburg going first to the Nationals (can you imagine what kind of contract he’s going to sign? The Nationals have to sign him to make up for the Aaron Crow fiasco last season and Scott Boras is his agent), Grant Green (the Padres 14th round pick in 2006) second to the Mariners and the Padres choosing between Univ. of North Carolina’s 1B/OF Dustin Ackley and RHP Alex White. Knowing the Padres they will take White and he’ll undergo TJ surgery next year.

  2. Both USD and SDSU have games airing on the MLB network this weekend too.

  3. A recent Baseball Prospectus about 3B-men ranked KK as #10 in MLB … with this comment …

    Kevin Kouzmanoff had right-shoulder surgery over the offseason and there’s some question about whether he’ll be around for opening day, but if healthy he’s going to be a solid third baseman again, despite playing in Petco. His second half was a mess, but the surgery should help fix that. Kouzmanoff has hit .282/.330/.488 on the road the past two years, even with that awful stretch when he first came into the league and his poor second half last year.

  4. Hopefully this will hearten some of us, at least until the games start. ;-)

    Chone projects the Padres for 80 wins and 2nd in the NL West!

  5. Hey Geoff,

    Congratulations on your new book. I am looking forward to ordering a copy!

    Off topic, I was curious if you were planning another Ducksnorts Fantasy League (or 2) this year. It was such a blast last year with the NL only format. The interest appeared to be overwhelming last season; plus it’s always good to have something to fall back on if the Pads struggle out of the gate (80 wins doesn’t seem that far fetched though, considering the division).

  6. #2@Zagz: I really enjoyed watching both games. Thanks for the heads up ! I know it’s only one game but should SDSU lose in a lackluster fashion to a program like Southern U. ? Safe to say, USD’s baseball program is clearly heads and tails above SDSU’s.

  7. #6@Surfin’ Bird: I’m in for Fantasy BB too.

  8. i sold the strasburg plan to a gentleman by the name of Geoff Young the other day over the phone for SDSU, but i wasnt sure whether i should say anything or not. haha. ;)

    those mini-plans have been flying off the shelves. one of the supervisors is bribing the young men i work with with food in order to sell as many as possible.

    see you guys there!

  9. #10@Ian C.: Hey, I’m no gentleman. ;-)

    Seriously, I thought that might be you but I wasn’t sure if you still worked there. You were a true professional!

    Can’t wait for the games…

  10. Whddya mean, “can’t wait for the games”??? I tried calling you, and looked around for you at the game (it ain’t a big place- I think I’d have found you if you were there). What happened?

    I talked to a couple of the scouts behing home plate, and they confirmed that Strasburg was mostly around 97-98, hitting 100 and 101 a couple of times. He threw more breking balls than I expected, and he threw them HARD. He was throwing what I believe to be a slider at at least 90, and his curve was mid-eighties. Don’t know what his pitch count was when he came out to start the 7th, but I told my friends that he should have been done for the night, trusting a 5-0 lead to the pen. I guess I was right, because he started to get hit and gave up a pair of runs before coming out. He was quite impressive overall, though.

  11. #12@Lance Richardson: Work happened; between the book and the day job, I have no life.

    Thanks for the report on Strasburg; I’m anxious to see him.