Stalking Strasburg

Reader Lance informs us that SDSU is offering a “Strasburg Plan” as one of its 2009 season ticket packages. For $24, you get to see six games. Four of those are projected starts by Stephen Strasburg, the preseason favorite to be the #1 pick in the upcoming June draft.

I’ve spent the past few years watching Brian Matusz and Josh Romanski over at USD, and every time I’ve made the trip to Tony Gwynn Stadium, I’ve missed Strasburg. So yeah, I’m there.

While we’re on the subject, Myron at Friar Forecast examines each of Strasburg’s 2008 starts, including park factors and strength of schedule. Interesting stuff.

Okay, back to the book…

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  1. Typical Padres, even when they are totally terrible they still screw that up and don’t guarantee themselves the #1 pick.

    Baseball America has had their first mock draft, with Strasburg going first to the Nationals (can you imagine what kind of contract he’s going to sign? The Nationals have to sign him to make up for the Aaron Crow fiasco last season and Scott Boras is his agent), Grant Green (the Padres 14th round pick in 2006) second to the Mariners and the Padres choosing between Univ. of North Carolina’s 1B/OF Dustin Ackley and RHP Alex White. Knowing the Padres they will take White and he’ll undergo TJ surgery next year.