THT Season Preview, Seamheads Historical League

Couple things. First off, I’m pleased to announce that The Hardball Times Season Preview 2009 is now available (details from David Gassko, our editor). I contributed the chapter on the Padres. Buy the book. It rocks. And it’ll give you something to read while you’re waiting for my book. ;-)

Second, the Seamheads Historical League has begun (I picked the Padres roster). Here’s the preview of my division, which also features Sam Mellinger, Patrick Ryan, and Jonah Keri.

Opening Day didn’t go so well. We lost to the Expos in 14 innings. Nate Colbert hurt his knee, so Rollie Fingers had to finish up at first base. Colbert is out seven weeks. Hey, it wouldn’t be the Padres without stupid luck.

Here are the games played so far:

  1. Expos 6, Padres 4: Jake Peavy works into the 11th, Scott Linebrink blows it.
  2. Padres 7, Expos 5: Steve Finley’s bases-loaded double highlights a five-run first, Andy Benes tries to give it all back, but Trevor Hoffman slams the door.
  3. Padres 9, Expos 3: Roberto Alomar homers early, Finley knocks four more hits, and Bruce Hurst goes the distance.
  4. Twins 9, Padres 5. Randy Jones gets shelled, late comeback isn’t enough.

You can follow the Portland Beavers, too, if you’re so inclined. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated as the virtual season progresses. Meanwhile, go buy the Hardball Times Season Preview 2009. Because I said so…

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  1. We’re reduced to fantasy league box scores? JK – awesome stuff!

  2. Not related to fantasy baseball or the 2009 Padres, but former Padre pitcher Andrew Brown may need shoulder surgery.

    Man, that was a good trade. 2007 may end up being the most heartbreaking season of all.

  3. I concur. This Seamheads league is choice. I note you managed a couple stellar wins over the Red Sox and Yanks this past week (the game winning double by Tony off Papelbon was outstanding). That would seem to bode well for our humble expansion Padres.

  4. #3@Ryan: Cool. Bill James is GM of the Red Sox team; now I can say that I beat him at something. ;-)

    On a more bizarre note, we are leading the league with a .388 OBP through 11 games. This includes teams with, oh, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, and Barry Bonds in their lineups. Gene Richards (.429/.500/.592) is a beast.

  5. nomination for link-of-the-day …

    … spring is comin’, folks … but some of still need a hot stove!!!

  6. Gene Richards “Geno” is probably one of my favorite Padres of all time. If you look at his numbers, the guy actually had some pretty darn good years (offensively) –perhaps 5 really good seasons in a Padres uniform before he faded away at age 30.

  7. Gene Richards is a beast. LOL!!! I love baseball!!

  8. In memory of Updike, here’s a phenomenal article almost 5 decades old.

  9. #6@JP: I’ve got Richards as the No. 8 Padres player of all time on my site. Maybe he’ll hit .400 this year.

  10. Just a reminder to y’all that DePo’s still blogging …

    … Blanco has a high MR (Mentor Rating), who knew? :-)

  11. #6@JP: Absolutely right, JP. He’s the starting LF on my personal All Time Padres team. Of course I would start Gwynn or Winfield in LF and the other in RF, but they are both truly RF, imo, so going by a strict positional depth chart it’s Richards in LF with “Mellow,” Carmelo Martinez, #2 on the depth chart, Gwynn #1 in RF and Winfield #2 on the depth chart at that corner.