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I’m a little behind in my links, so some of these might be oldish. Hey, better late than never…

Khalil Greene Trade Reaction

From the Ducksnorts Archives

  • Why the Rumored Nevin for Griffey Deal Made No Sense

    This was in December 2002. Just for the record, here’s how Griffey and another outfielder the Padres actually acquired have fared from 2003 to 2008:

    Brian Giles vs Ken Griffey Jr., 2003 – 2008
    Statistics are courtesy of Baseball-Reference.
    Brian Giles 3915 .287 .393 .456 128 53.5
    Ken Griffey Jr. 2774 .267 .355 .503 119 64.7

    Yeah, I know Giles didn’t come to San Diego till the end of ’03 (and neither did they pay most of his salary that year), but you get the idea. Be sure to thank Phil Nevin for exercising his veto power on that one.

New/Updated Blogs in the Blogroll

Go say hi to these folks:

  • TinCaps Blog. The Fort Wayne Wizards are now the Fort Wayne TinCaps, and Lamond Pope has them covered.
  • Raise the Jolly Roger!. It’s all about the Pirates. Aargh!
  • BaseballGB. This site describes itself as a “hub for the best British baseball writing.” I know we’ve got readers here from all over the world, and it’s always great to see folks catch baseball fever regardless of geographic location. Plus, they have really good beer over there; helps make up for the food, I suppose. ;-)

That’s the fact, Jack. More links are available at the Ducksnorts delicious page, which I update as often as practical.

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  1. But could Griffey have thrown Holliday out at the plate? :-)

  2. I keep seeing this common thread in comments on these links… that Moores is telling them to cut the budgets to devalue the team…

    Gang, it may work that way in our perception as fans: but from a business sense, you are removing liability while not doing much to damage the sale value of the club. Your assets are the ballpark, the franchise, etc. Player contracts are liabilities. Players themselves are employees.

    Dumping salary liability INCREASES the value of the club when viewed from this perspective. A single year of reduced attendance will not have enough relevance to offset that.

  3. So I have a pitcher/money question for some of you…one of the things I keep reading over at mlbtraderumors is that for Peavy to get traded to the Cubs, they need to trade Jason Marquis…there have also been reports that they are willing to eat $6.5mm of his $9mm salary…

    Why wouldn’t we be interested in bringing him to SD for the $2.5mm? Is he under contract for 2010?

  4. Since I’m from Belgium beer is kind of a sensitive point:) I’wouldn’t say that the beer in GB is all that good. If you really want some good beer try Belgian beer. (Sorry for being so chauvinistic but beer is one of the few topics where I can be so chauvinistic about :) )