Links for 8 Nov 08

What the heck, I’m up anyway. Let’s have a little Saturday morning linkfest…

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  1. Seems like Jerome Williams didn’t have much to offer the past few years, although obviously the sample size is small.

  2. The Reds GM has siad that he has no interest in Greene…he is looking for a cheaper, more long term solution.

    I’m still skeptical on Giles…if the Pads are cutting payroll down to $40 mil (which SA will neither confirm nor deny) I just don’t see them allocating one fourth of their team salary to one player. I wonder if they took so long to pick up his option because they wanted to see if he would accept a trade to another team like the cubs…or maybe I’m just being overly cynical because of the way the FO has handled the whole Peavy trade…

    I would not mind the Pads picking up Royce Ring and using him as a Loogy.

    Also Travis Chick is still only 24 he may not be that bad of an option coming out of the pen.

  3. I don’t understand the picking up of OG completely. I like what he does and for $6 million that’s a great price. OTOH, we are supposedly rebuilding and cutting back payroll to the extent of trying to trade Peavy (I still think he’s the Opening Day starter in 2009, though recent rumours are chipping at that confidence fiercely). Offer to Hoffman for $4 million is no joke. That’s $13 million (if Hoffman agrees) for 2 players. Add to that El Hombre’s and CYoung’s salary, it’ll be close to $20 million for 4 players.

  4. Just wanted everyone to know that I wasn’t responsible for the one first-place vote for Hoffman in the Internet Baseball Awards for the Cy Young Award.

    Also, I bought The Bill James Handbook 2009 yesterday. Lots of good stuff, obviously. I’ll mention just a couple things:

    In the fielding plus/minus leaders, Giles ranked second among right fielders last year behind Franklin Gutierrez. For the 2006-08 period, he was fourth.

    James also does baserunning leaders: Taveras, Ichiro, Holliday, Sizemore and Rollins are the best.

    Edgar Gonzalez was -27, third worst in the majors, behind Dioner Navarro and Magglio Ordonez. Adrian was -19.

  5. Hmmm….the CF wasn’t that great in 08 but wasn’t that bad either.
    That useless Padres version of Edmonds ended up OK and just above Gerut.

  6. I like the Giles pickup. I think for what he costs it’s a great value. Sure, we’re rebuilding, but that doesn’t mean you want the on field product to be completely pathetic.

  7. Kouz in upper third. Longoria is a stud.
    I can see why the Twins would be interested in Kouz. But straight trade for Delmon Young is impossible…and if you think that, please pass along the toke.

  8. #9@Didi: i’m with you on that one, i would love to do that trade straight up. but i can like put a 99.9% guarantee that would never happen.