Links for 18 Nov 08

Hooray, it’s links:

  • Giles and Hoffman (It Might Be Dangerous…). Paul DePodesta offers his thoughts on the re-signing of Brian Giles as well as the latest in the Trevor Hoffman negotiations (or lack thereof). [h/t LynchMob]
  • John Moores to give $2.1 million to Scripps Research Institute (Gaslamp Ball) I especially like how some of the commenters begrudge Moores for, you know, doing some good in the world. That takes a special kind of bitter. ;-)
  • Quite a Haul (Bad Altitude) Mark Donohue isn’t impressed with what the Rockies got in return for Matt Holliday, and who can blame him? Here’s hoping the Padres do better in any potential Jake Peavy deal. [h/t Didi]
  • How the Other Half Lives: Jake Peavy Trade Rumors (McCovey Chronicles). Grant doesn’t understand the Peavy rumors.
  • The Ghost of Ueberroth… (Hardball Times). John Brattain pens a thoughtful piece on the similarities between current commissioner Bud Selig and former commissioner Peter Ueberroth.

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  1. The Holliday trade looks like a king’s ransom compared to what the White Sox got for Swisher. In 2006 and 07 Swisher was just as good as Adrian Gonzalez at the plate. One down year and the Yankees get him for half of their junk drawer. They didn’t even have to empty it, just scoop out the stuff in the front.

  2. OT … posted this link to a picture of what 1974 Washington Padre uniforms would have looked like …

    Hey, that’s my old buddy Dave Freisleben …

  3. 1: yeah, that Swisher trade is completely one-sided to the Yankees unless Swisher is completely done, an unlikely event to happen; more likely he’ll bounce back to 07 level.

    From the A’s fans, they don’t think Holliday will be in the green and yellow uniform too long.

  4. #3@LynchMob: That was a good piece you wrote about Freisleben.

  5. Protecting Carrillo, I can understand, but Batt Mush, really? He’s not a case of Soria. I doubt any team would be interested in him to keep on the 25 man roster. I don’t get wasting a spot on him.

  6. Our buddy PMAC (aka Jack-Anulty) signed with the Red Sox.

  7. Okay, so I am reading this write up bashing Towers for the Peavy trade negotiations:

    And I can’t help but think that the agent deserves more of the “blame” than this guy seems to be assigning.

  8. #9@Coronado Mike: I agree that Axelrod has really been killing the trade talks but that’s kind of his job…he is looking out for his client’s best interests here and trying to keep his client in control of his own destiny. The Padres are really kind of screwing Jake in this situation…how would you feel if you signed a long term contract with your company and a year later they are shopping you around? Jake signed the contract because he thought it would give him and his family stability for the next 5+ years, he even moved his family to San Diego and built a new house and a year later he is being shopped around? I can understand why he is a little bitter.

    KT has totally botched this situation by making it so public, keep all of these talks under the radar, don’t say things like “the train has left the station” or “a deal will probably be done by the winter meetings” just say ”you know we would love to have Jake back next year but he is not untouchable, we would be more than willing to listen to offers on him but it would have to be something that knocks our socks off”; that way there is no talk about what teams he would waive his NTC publicly. Doing all of this stuff out in the open really forces the Padres hand because they let everyone know that keeping him does not really seem like an option, which paints them into a corner. Also having all these trade talks being known publicly probably has the media calling Jake’s agent 24/7 asking him questions and looking for quotes.

    What did we hear about the Holliday and Crisp trades before they happened…we knew that they may be available but nothing was imminent and then bam one day they are traded; why have the Padres not taken this approach with Peavy?

  9. #9@Coronado Mike: The agent’s job isn’t to facilitate a trade. It’s to protect his client’s interests. Even if he did have some obligation to help the team out, Axelrod’s been pretty darn accommodating.

    He’s right in that the NT clause ties one hand behind Towers’ back. But I don’t recall any public scoffing at offers. And leaks can come from anywhere; the other front offices have talked a lot about prospective offers. It’s simplistic to believe that the Padres could enforce a press blackout by other teams.

  10. #10@Steve C: I was under the impression that at least some of this possible trade was Peavy’s idea. The Padres gave him stability and a long-term deal, things that are good for the Padres and Peavy. But Peavy says he wants play for a contender, and the Padres admit that may not be imminent this season.

  11. #12@Kevin: The Padres have been over hyping that to try and make Peavy look like he is asking for the trade. What Peavy said was that he did not want to be traded but if the Padres were not going to be competitive for the next several years he would be open to a trade.

    If he really wants to be moved then why is he tying the Padres hands with this 5 team list especially when 2 of the teams have no interest in him and the other is the Padres hated rivals? If he wants to be moved to a winner then why not include the Red Sox, Rays, Yankees, Phillies, Angels, Mets and Brewers on his list?

  12. #13@Steve C: Over hyping? Isn’t that extra redundant? ;-)

  13. #13@Steve C: Absolutely agree. The Padres went to Peavy/Axelrod and said “Our financial situation is cratering and we don’t think we’ll be good for a while. Would you be open to a trade?” There was no hint of Peavy actually instigating it, even though, as you say, the team tried to spin it that way with their “Jake’s driving this bus” comments.