Links for 18 Nov 08

Hooray, it’s links:

  • Giles and Hoffman (It Might Be Dangerous…). Paul DePodesta offers his thoughts on the re-signing of Brian Giles as well as the latest in the Trevor Hoffman negotiations (or lack thereof). [h/t LynchMob]
  • John Moores to give $2.1 million to Scripps Research Institute (Gaslamp Ball) I especially like how some of the commenters begrudge Moores for, you know, doing some good in the world. That takes a special kind of bitter. ;-)
  • Quite a Haul (Bad Altitude) Mark Donohue isn’t impressed with what the Rockies got in return for Matt Holliday, and who can blame him? Here’s hoping the Padres do better in any potential Jake Peavy deal. [h/t Didi]
  • How the Other Half Lives: Jake Peavy Trade Rumors (McCovey Chronicles). Grant doesn’t understand the Peavy rumors.
  • The Ghost of Ueberroth… (Hardball Times). John Brattain pens a thoughtful piece on the similarities between current commissioner Bud Selig and former commissioner Peter Ueberroth.

More links are available at the Ducksnorts delicious page, which I update as often as practical.

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