Blast from the Past: Random Bits of November

Let’s see, what were we talking about this time last year? Two years ago? Four years? Six?


We were chatting with our pal Steve Poltz about music, baseball, and life:

I have a song coming out on my new CD that’s called “A Brief History of My Life.” It starts off with us moving to Pasadena from Halifax and taking an oath that we wouldn’t join the Communist party. That’s the first thing I remember — standing next to my dad, and him becoming an American citizen.

Then later in the song, the chorus goes:

We talked Hollywood and baseball in the car
The voice of Vin Scully will travel real far

The next chorus says, “The voice of Jack Buck”; the third one says, “The voice of Ernie Harwell”; and the last one says, “The voice of Jerry Coleman still travels really far.”


Ah, yes: Bud Black replaces Bruce Bochy as manager; Josh Barfield is shipped to Cleveland for Kevin Kouzmanoff:

The one concern I have is that in filling one hole, the Padres are opening another. This is mitigated to a large extent, I believe, by the fact that second base should be a much easier hole to fill than third base has proven to be over the past few years (Sean Burroughs, we salute you!).

The key word there is should. Marcus Giles and Tadahito Iguchi, it seems, had other ideas. That said, Barfield promptly turned into nothing on reaching Cleveland, so at least the Padres got something for him. And Kouz has been pretty solid at third base, which is more than can be said for most of the other clowns that have manned the position since Phil Nevin’s glory days.


Hot topics include the dreadful Jason Kendall rumors, the Diamondbacks’ hiring and immediate firing of Wally Backman as manager, Khalil Greene and Jason Bay, and the defense of Mark Loretta and Jay Payton. I even made a brief foray into football, defending the then-maligned Drew Brees. On Kendall:

No disrespect to Jason Kendall, who is a fine catcher, but I don’t think he’s likely to be much better than Ramon Hernandez over the next few seasons.

In fact, Kendall was a good deal worse, although Hernandez has faded badly the past couple of years in Baltimore, as anyone with half a brain could have told you he would.


I was off on several tangents here. Rereading this one, I’d forgotten how much fun I used to have writing songs. Maybe that is something I will pick up again one day when I have more time.

I also learned that among founding fathers of the United States, I am most like Alexander Hamilton:

You have very little faith in humanity, but still care a great deal about the little dolts, despite your best efforts not to.

Heh. Guilty as charged.

Finally, this is where the quest for Bucksnort, Tennessee, first made itself known. It ended, of course, in the “town” itself several years later. Good times…

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  1. Thanks for reprinting that 2006 discussion Geoff…fun to read the back and forth on Zito/Soriano and others…also good to know that I actually feel good about what I said over 2 years ago. How often does that really happen?

  2. I doubt I’ll be the first … and pretty sure not the only … to post this link about possible / likely Peavy trade …;_ylt=Au6VxWsDGCgg6P02NfUVcw8RvLYF?slug=ti-padres111208&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    … which I think is a very balanced presentation of the situation.

    Bottom Line: trading Peavy is not all about payroll and trading Peavy is not essential, but the best way to get better fast.

    … which is well said, imo.

  3. Eight years ago this month I bought my first season tickets. Yesterday I cancelled them. I will continue to love baseball and root for the Padres players but cannot support the current organization and the way they do
    business, as they call it. There is no justification for their treatment of Trevor, it is callous and classless. And shopping Jake Peavy for little return but a dumping of salary!

  4. #3@bullpener:

    What’s your take on the agent sitting on the offer for about four weeks, so says Alderson? Leaking the $ figure … I guess you can see where I’m going. It was easy to blame the Pads FO at first but after listening to Alderson’s interview yesterday and then reading Sullivan’s column, I’m not so sure the FO deserves to be vilified.

  5. #4@Stephen: My take (not speaking for anyone else) is that the “sitting on the offer” excuse is pure political CYA. By their own admission the team DID hear from Hoffman’s agent, asking for a meeting with the actual key decision maker to find out about where Hoffman fit in their plans. The front office may not have liked it, but that WAS their counter-proposal.

    I find it highly unlikely that the team would have continued to negotiate if Hoffman and his agent had countered at 5 million.

    The payroll cutting may be largely out of the front office’s hands. If your boss tells you to cut, you cut or you find other work. But the handling, as even such pro-Padre observers as Canepa and Sullivan have noted, could be a business school lesson in how NOT to relate with your public. It’s quite similar to the Peavy situation. There are solid baseball reasons to trade almost anyone. There are no solid business reasons to flub the public relations side so badly, so often.