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Notes to self: Always add Sriracha to spaghetti sauce, stop leering at Yvonne Strahovski, listen to more Fishbone

  • Why not us? Comparing Royals’ moves to Rays’ decisions (Kansas City Star). Reader Didi sends this article by Joe Posnanski. There’s plenty of good stuff in here, but looking beyond the article, what gets me is the fact that the Rays won 31 more games in 2008 than they did the previous season. In fact, they bested their previous franchise high in wins by 27. The Padres are coming off a season in which they fell by 26 games. I guess my point is that large yearly fluctuations can and do happen. In San Diego, we have a fairly recent history of dramatic upward movement: ’95 to ’96 (+21), ’97 to ’98 (+22), and ’03 to ’04 (+23). Anyway, just a little something to consider the next time you feel like panicking.
  • Superduperswingmen (Part 4: 1970-2008) (Hardball Times). Steve Treder looks back at some guys who were pretty handy in the rotation or coming out of the bullpen. Several Padres show up here, including Eric Rasmussen, Bob Shirley, and Scott Sanders. Another, Dave Dravecky (’84, ’87), misses the cut by one start. Fun stuff… [h/t Didi]
  • Final 2008 Offense Plus Defense (OPD) Results (Baseball Think Factory) Chris Dial talks value. I haven’t looked at the methodology, but those are some nice showings from Jody Gerut and Brian Giles. [h/t Pat]
  • What does a potential Peavy trade mean to San Diego Padres fans? (Gaslamp Ball). Quoth Dex: “Just because Sandy Alderson has a particular philosophy that has worked in the past doesn’t mean that I have to like it. There’s a good chance that I won’t like it regardless of how hard he and his supporters try to convince me that I’m stupid for not liking it.” Once upon a time I wanted to go into teaching. I even worked as a teacher’s aide for a semester at a junior high school. That’s where I learned that people will believe what they want to believe no matter what you tell them. That’s where I decided that teaching wasn’t for me. If the effect is the same regardless of my presence, I’d just as soon save my energy for something else. Sigh…

There you go. More links are available at the Ducksnorts delicious page, which I update as often as practical.

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  1. Yeah but Geoff, she’s so incredibly hot in Chuck.

    In fact, I’m a huge fan of that show. She and Levi have a pretty decent amount of chemistry, and they always manage to keep that show light-hearted and fun.

  2. Hey, Geoff, can you say a little more about your experience as a teacher? Are you talking about students or parents and administrators believing what they want to believe?

    I was an assistant in a first grade class and taught preschool for two years.

  3. Would you guys be happy with the Padres trading Peavy and Greene to the Braves for Tommy Hanson, Jordan Schafer and Yunel Escobar?

  4. I am really excited about the possibility of the Padres landing Escobar, Hanson, and Schafer from the Bravos for Peavy. I would much rather have Escobar than K.Johnson and wouldn’t do the deal with Johnson and the two other prospects. It does, based on what they (Braves) are able to offer, seem like the destination for Jake.

  5. And Jody Gerut did it only in 2/3 of a season. If he had played a similar number of games to most of the guys on that list he’d be in the top 10. Similarly, Scott Hairston did surprisingly well (right behind Adrian Gonzalez) in his shortened time.

  6. #3@Steve C: I think I liked the deal better when it was Escobar, Gorkys Hernandez, Hanson and Kelly Johnson.

  7. Gotta love KT (from the NCT this morning): “We’re going to keep Jake abreast of what’s going on,” Towers said. “We’ll give them an idea of the clubs that have asked. There have been names exchanged with clubs, but all it really boils down to is what Jake wants. … We’ve held off with other clubs because we don’t want to get the ball rolling.”

    Uh, Kevin, the dude signed a multiyear contract extension with no-trade protection 10 months ago.

  8. #6@Masticore317: when was it that?

  9. 2008 Baseball America Draft Stuff

    The team, and some fans, trumpeted the heck out of BA’s ranking of the Padres farm last year…..but what instruments will they play when the system is knocked back a few pegs this year, and when their evaluation of our 2008 draft is less than complimentary? If you keep having slightly above-average drafts, it’s going to be awfully hard to build a tremendous farm system.

    This is just a draft review, so it doesn’t count the international signings. And while those signings were a good first move, those players are incredibly volatile. Anyone remember Edgar Huerta, a LHP out of Mexico who cost us 850K?


    Padres are not listed as having one of the best 5 drafts. That’s Texas, KC, SF, Minnesota, and Boston.

    We have two prospects on any of the Best Tools or Best Debut lists. Those lists compare all signed players.

    1. Dan Roberston, considered a non-prospect by many, had the
    second best pro debut among collegians. Very true, and he’s easy to root for.

    2. Jaff Decker had the absolute best debut among high schoolers, and it was a well-deserved honor. He also checks in on the High School “Closest to the Majors” list. As I said at the time, love that pick.

  10. For those of you in SD … Friar Faithful Field Day is this Sunday, October 26th … 2-5 pm …

  11. #8@Steve C: I don’t have a link, it was something I had read somewhere along the line. Sorry…

  12. Nice read. I like the end when he beamed about the situational hitting.

  13. From UT:

    – An American League scout said Travis Denker, the second baseman the Padres claimed off waivers this month from the Giants, “has a good approach to hitting.” As for Denker’s footspeed? “He is slow,” the scout said. “Several times, I’ve clocked him at 4.6 to first base. That’s a 20 (on the 20-80 scouting scale, with 80 being the fastest).”

    Man, he’s perfect for the Padres. Gosh.
    Come on, Antonelli. Grab that 2B job, dude. We believe in you. Considering how terrible the position had played for the last 2 seasons, Matt can certainly improve on those numbers in ’09.

  14. #1@Phantom: You noticed, eh?

    #2@Kevin: The kids. I only worked a few hours a week so I didn’t have to deal with parents and administrators.

    #9@Tom Waits: Thanks for the update. Decker is a stud.